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Vertigo, menopause & migraine

Since starting the menopause my migraines have increased along with the off balance feeling that can be so bad it’s hard to get through the day. My neurologist has diagnosed vertigo migraine does anyone else suffer from this off balance feeling? Please reply.

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  • zamira
    4 months ago

    I had the same experience for the last 3 months. Vertigo, headache, muscle spasm, anxiety you name it. Two neurologist diagnosed me with vestibular migrane. I was prescribed sebelium 5 mg. It helped a little bit with the headache but not with the dizziness. I was not so convinced that it was the migrane ( i have had migrane for 20 years and i know the symtoms) . So i started googling and i noticed that most of the symtoms were connected with vitamin B12. I did some blood test and was border line deficit 256. Now i know that if you go to the doctor they will say you are within limit ( 200 to 1100). But the funny think is that the limit is controversial. So i started to take b12 500 iu per day in the form of methylcobalamine which is natural not synthetic. My symptoms have improved drastically in just one week. It is a very important vitamin that is overlooked from the doctors. A blood test might help. And if your doctor does not agree keep looking until you find somebody willing to listen. I did because i came upon a great film titled Could it be B12. I dont now how it will go but finally in almost 4 months i am feeling better.

  • Anne
    4 months ago

    yes. I definitely get vertigo. Your doctor can prescribe something for it – I can’t remember the name, but it’s a drug that they give for altitude sickness. At one point I was getting vertigo so badly that I had to take the train to work so I didn’t crash my car. It eventually stopped occurring as much with my migraines but it is very debilitating.

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