What do I do now…

I have shared my story before but now I am at a whole new place with my treatment and experience. A little history I have had migraines for 14 years..maybe a couple a year, take some OC meds and go to bed. Three years ago all that changed.

My migraines took over my life and have been turning my life upside down since. I have had 5 dr’s and 15 different meds. Some helped for a short period of time, some didn’t help at all and I even took one that made them worse. I saw a specialist at Mayo’s clininc last May.. after reviewing my history and documneting all the meds that I have tried, he looked at me and said. I am sorry Staci, there is a small percentage of chronic migraine patients who don’t ever get relief. Over the last 3 years while my meds worked sometime or not at all I would suffer as long as I can and then go to my Dr’s office or the local ER..

Well 2 months ago I visited the ER and the Dr basicaly refused me medication. He called in a pharmacist and wanted me to discuss my drug options going forward. They have officialy labeled me. I have been restricted to Noraflex and Toradol.. which doesnt touch it. I would like to say I have never done drugs in my life. Never even smoked a joint as a kid.. but now I am a labeled drug seeker because of a condition that I have that causes me horrific pain whith no relief.

So I am at a point now that I have no options.. I am currently on day 4 of a migraine that is currently at an 8.. I don’t know what to do!

As I was writting this I was hoping I wasn’t the only one who has ever been through this but now as I read it, I hope no one else is going through this! It’s horrible 🙁


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