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Will It Ever Stop

I started getting migraines in my 20’s I’m now going to be 52. I thought when I was younger if I drove my car really fast into the telephone pole would I die because that’s what I wanted…….

then I had my sons and 1 day as I lay on my bed just wanting to die from the migrain my little boy comes in with a bowl of water and a wash cloth he was 4 he starts rubbing my head which how can I tell him he’s making it worse he asked me “are you going to die” it broke my heart I am the only parent.

It got to the point my doctor would hand me the drug book and tell me to pick something it would work for awhile and then stop … then I started blacking out in my 30’s from the migraines I took Imitrex which worked for 6 months before I had a allergic reaction to it … from the time my kids were little untill their tweens they had to stay in the house when I had my migraines…now their in their 20’s my little boy which will be 26 this week has migraines and now they drive me to the hospital to get Morphine shots does it stop the pain I don’t know all I know is it knocks me out for 2 days and when I come to my migrain is gone.

I’ve been to so many doctors they’d say when you hit menopause they’d stop no they did not…my mother also had migraines … if I would of realized my kids would have them I would of choose not to have kids to keep them from the pain were no one can stop them …

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  • janiceclemens
    7 years ago

    I had a hysterectomy at 30. So I have already gon through menopause. Do they ever stop? I don’t know. I have been battling them for years now. My pcp whi=o is swesome, is sending me to an ascupuncturist/chinese herbal medicine healer to see if maybe he can come up with a combination of chinese herbs to stop the mugraines as nothing else has worked. And my pcp does not want me on all the migraine meds as he doesn’t want to keep putting all the poisons in my body. I am up for anything nowas nothin else has worke, or the side effects are worse then the migraine.

  • suzanneciaio
    7 years ago

    I have been asking myself the same question now for about a year. Will they be over with menopause? I’m in the process of parimenopause, my hormones are all over the place, and my migraines are worse then ever. I’m 50, started getting them when I was 18 and take so much medication, and try so many different things. It’s so frustrating. I don’t have children. I was afraid to have them with all the medications I have taken over the years. I hope we all find some relief soon.

  • elizabethglenn
    7 years ago

    This made me cry! I’ve felt the same way many times. I have a 12 yr old daughter. I pray that she doesn’t inherit these horrible migraines. Her odds aren’t too good because my grandmother, mother, aunt, and cousin have had them. Theirs got better after their hysterectomy. Mine got worse after my hysterectomy. I needed it for other reasons but kept begging my doctor because I hoped it would help my migraines. I feel guilty because my daughter misses out on things because I do not feel well. I pray that you find some relief.

  • heathersmith
    7 years ago

    My 15 year old son had a round of migraines earlier this year. As a migraine sufferer, it was something I had never thought of or expected. It’s bad enough when they hit me. It was awful watching him go through them. I understand your pain and pray you find some relief.

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