The worst day

My name is safiatou, i use to have migraine from my young age, am now 38 and i always have migraine, when it start on the right side of my head before invade all my head, i cannot talk, my eyes dop tears, i cannot stay in one place because of the increase of the pain, my heart pains, i also have some vertige in french, this few days i even vomite after taking a drip of perfalgan and tramadol injectable, this treament will calm the pain for some hours or weeks before another attach start again; i use to take doliprane codeine, after that the doctor ask me to take migretile, but now i take klipal 600mg in periode of the crise, when there is no pain i will stop taking it, but sometime even when i take klipal 600mg the pain increase until i take drip and tramadol injectable and then calm down, thank you very much for giving me some advices.

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