Chronic intractable Migraine
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I have been having Migraines for the majority of my life. I am a 56 year old female. I have tried so many treatments with no avail!! Once I started certain treatments they worked then they stopped. I had my own business which was successful until I was no longer available for the needs I gave, I was not dependable anymore. I was grateful that my clients were understanding, bc they draw me first hand from suffering. I worked as long as I was no longer being able to get out of bed and be committed to them. I am on disability which I hate, I would give anything to be working and to be among other workers, and my clients that became like families to me. I also hate that I can no longer exercise without some type of pain!! Meditation helps and I am going to try a new Christanity 12 step program for support. Thanks for listening, I need to feel comfortable to share my experience since I get into a deep dark depression and get isolated. I feel that others can relate so I am not alone on this journey, God Bless to all!!

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