My child suffers from migraines
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My child is 4 years old and has been suffering from migraines since he was three. He sees doctors but to be truthful they act like they don’t care. They put him on medicine which does not help him. When he gets his migraines it is bad.

He can’t pick his head up, he has a fever, sweats, can’t remember where he is or who he is around, he can’t eat or drink anything. I, as a mother, do not know what to do. He has other medical problems but the migraines are the worse.

I know he is not the only one dealing with this but he is going through all this at such a small age. His doctor is not there when we need him, all he does is keep telling us to give him more medicine. he is four years old and can’t be a kid because he is so sleepy from the medicine. I am not looking for pity but for someone to help me understand what he is going through better.

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