My story, well I am not even sure where to begin…
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My story, well I am not even sure where to begin. I have had migraine headaches I guess since I was sixteen . I thought everyone did. Just thought it was normal. Then at eighteen I got into banking. They became slightly more frequent. At 25 I had my first child, a little more frequent, (keep in mind this is just what I am blaming it all on in my mind) at 31 my second child they were more frequent. By 41 I had some degree of migraine every day of my life. To be honest it was probably long before then, I just didn’t know what it was. For years I had already been on topomax daily , trying to control it and it already wasn’t working. I had emergency migraine pills which I was using frequently . So here I am now 48 years old and I have an average of a 7 or 8 migraine everyday of my life. I went from a banking career where I made almost 70k a year to being lucky if a can work 15 hrs per week . My memory is horrible , I went into a store just recently, left my car running with the keys in it …. on top of all this the now have decided they think I have fibromyalgia. Such joy! Treatment wise they have exhausted drug wise all they want to try…. so now we are on to Botox treatments … just completed round two … some minor improvement this time . But nothing earth shattering yet . It has maybe shall we say taken the rough edges off . But that’s about it , dulled the pain at best. So, that’s my story 🙂

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