Slamming pain too often
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I can remember as early as 9 years old having terrible headaches. My mom would come and pick me up at school because I would be crying in horrible pain. She would take me home and I would go to bed and sleep for hours. She was so negative about me always being sick (as she called it). My teachers complained that I was faking just trying to get out of coming to school. I could not get anyone to listen to me. My parents took me to the dr over and over again.

The doctor would do new tests each time I would go and claim that there was no way I was in that much pain. I was just to young. I felt horrible. I was so young and did not understand why no believed that i was hurting. The older I got, the worse it got. Still with no relief. By the time I was in my late thirties I finally got a Doctor to help me out. They sent me to a neurologist that specialized in migraines. I was diagnosed with chronic migraines. It is a constant battle just to work, deal with my family and survive on a daily basis. I am doing botox injections now as a way to help me. I have had my first round and hoping for relief.

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