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By drmaryb - October 20, 2017
One of the beauties of a site like this is that it can be very validating. Not only can we get information but it just helps to know that there are others... READ MORE

By cdaniw213 - October 20, 2017
Hi! I’m Courtney and I’m new to this page. I have been suffering from chronic occipital neuralgia migraines for 16 years now. I do not remember my life before I started having... READ MORE

7 Answers Submitted By Cecilie - October 18, 2017

Hey. I’m new here. First i would like to apologize for any misspellings further on – I’m from Denmark, so my English isn’t the best. I have just got a new job… READ MORE

4 Answers Submitted By Zanettil - October 18, 2017

I’m having a lot of difficulty with health care providers because I frequently need to cancel or reschedule appointments due to chronic migraines (20+ per month). Several providers have refused to continue… READ MORE

By Crystalfisher1992 - October 16, 2017
Hi everyone Im new to this group and would like some reassurance, Ive only had about 5 migraines since I was 15 now 25 I had one yesterday. I also have been... READ MORE

By tommyb - October 15, 2017
Hello, I used to suffer from migraines as a child and then I kind of grew out of them. I’ve always suffered with headaches though and I’ve managed them quite well. I’m... READ MORE

By Angela Swystun - October 14, 2017
I have had Migraines my entire life but they became chronic in 2007. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada. There is really no Migraine community here. Most Doctors just shove Preventative medication after... READ MORE

6 Answers Submitted By roseburg - October 14, 2017

Hi all, I’m new here. Have any of you experienced air hunger and the need to take extra breaths when you have migraine? It isn’t yawning- this is more like heavy breathing… READ MORE

1 Answer Submitted By billyjodi - October 13, 2017

I have been Doing physical therapy for cervical issues and migraines have recently started doing traction seems to be helping to relieve pressure in the neck. therapist has recommended purchasing my own… READ MORE

8 Answers Submitted By billyjodi - October 13, 2017

Just joined today already feel like I have learned a lot from all of your comments….I get the usual migraines which are easy to identify and good relief with imitrex…however I also… READ MORE

By Ms.Piggy - October 12, 2017
I have had chronic headache and migraine disease for well over 20 years now. The symptoms and triggers have evolved and changed throughout the years and I am always unpleasantly surprised when... READ MORE

1 Answer Submitted By Neva - October 11, 2017

I’ve been diagnosed by two different doctors…one says migraines with auras, one said migraines without auras. Do auras *always* happen BEFORE the pain of the migraine? I have significant vision changes during… READ MORE

By hdakes - October 10, 2017
hi i have been having headaches about 3 yrs. they started out in my temples on waking and would last days.. nothing stopped the pain. they have gotten more frequent and are... READ MORE

2 Answers Submitted By Neva - October 9, 2017

In the midst of a migraine, deciding what to take (otc med, pain med, rescue med, muscle relaxer, anxiety med, etc.) really stresses me out and makes things worse. I also don’t… READ MORE