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By Editorial Team - April 23, 2017
36 migraine experts—including world-renowned doctors, researchers, and patient advocates—will be sharing their wisdom at the Migraine World Summit, a free online event that’s happening this week. Topics that speakers will address include:... READ MORE

By Katie Golden - March 17, 2017
Thirty-six million Americans have migraine disease. One hundred million Americans have chronic pain[i]. Research for both diseases are severely underfunded through the National Institutes of Health (NIH). However, the effects of these... READ MORE

By Editorial Team - December 16, 2016
We all know the cost of migraine treatments can add up…but have you thought about the full financial (and emotional) cost of living with migraine? How has migraine impacted your finances? Curious... READ MORE

By Katie Golden - December 12, 2016
I took this video just as I was starting to get a visual aura, which occurs right before the head pain sets in. I illustrate how my field of vision changes during... READ MORE

By Kerrie Smyres - September 19, 2016
“I’m sorry my work is late. I have migraines both days every weekend,” my classmate in an online science class told me when I called to talk to her about our group... READ MORE

By Katie Golden - September 15, 2016
There are many migraine related events coming up that I wanted to share with everyone. From conferences to races to stomping on the Hill. Not everyone will physically be able to make... READ MORE

By Tammy Rome - September 7, 2016
Back when the US was a fledgling nation, a phenomenon occurred that history books call “westward expansion.” Pioneers in search of religious freedom, wealth, independence, land ownership, and growing room headed west... READ MORE