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By lojohn - August 16, 2017
One day in May, I suddenly had a dizzy spell that lasted about half a second, it seemed to affect my left eye, lasted about a week. Went to the dr, because... READ MORE

2 Answers Submitted By Lymelady - August 14, 2017

Has anyone experienced paresthesia (abnormal skin sensation – like when anesthesia is wearing off) when taking zonisamide for their migraines?

5 Answers Submitted By k_nelson - August 13, 2017

Have any of you guys tried getting a daith piercing? I had never heard of it helping migraines before today, and am curious to hear if any of you have found relief.

By Daisychain - August 9, 2017
I have been having migraines for 5 years now but lately it is been a daily struggle. I have been with the same company for 3 years everything was going great but... READ MORE

By karleyg - August 9, 2017
Am I having pre-seizures?! Migraines are just part of life for me. I’ve had typical migraines nausea light sensitivity vomit sleep feel better since age 14ish. About 3.5 years ago I experienced... READ MORE

3 Answers Submitted By dandylioness - August 9, 2017

I’ve only recently heard about fighting migraines with occipital Radiofrequency Ablation and nerve decompression. What are some of your experiences? What’s recovery like? Did it provide any relief?

2 Answers Submitted By dandylioness - August 9, 2017

I’ve had chronic migraines, occipital neuralgia and cervicalgia for 21 years. I’ve also gotten about 6 concussions over the last 3 years. It’s difficult distinguishing if my regression is just natural, caused… READ MORE

3 Answers Submitted By JannatKhan - August 7, 2017

I just got some information that I would like to share or ask. I just heard that changing handwriting can solve mental and physical problems such as migraines, procrastination, cancer etc. What… READ MORE

By saltycandy13 - August 7, 2017
I’ve done some researching and found this place. I hope someone can talk to me and keep me from ending it all because I am so fed up with this pain and... READ MORE

By Patsy810 - August 7, 2017
I’m new to Migraine.com I understand what you mean about tired of being tired . I’ve had chronic migraines since the age of 16 and I’m now 50 . My husband is... READ MORE

By Migraine as usual! - August 7, 2017
No one understands, no one, not even another migrainure. We may share symptoms or stories but no one knows the internal battle you are living with. These battles we face make us... READ MORE