CGRPs (calcitonin-gene-related peptide)

Ajovy: Have you tried it? Share your experience here.

  • By dollarslice

    Started with a three month dose twelve days ago. I’m cautiously optimistic… haven’t had a migraine yet. But it isn’t that unusual for me to go a couple weeks without one. I get around 8-10 days a month and they tend to come in clumps. I had seven days in a row with the last day being the day I started Ajovy, so I was due for a break.

    However, my brain feels absolutely the same. Still photophobic all the time, still feel “migrainey” sometimes and I have to avoid triggers, etc. When I first tried topamax it cured my photophobia and made me feel like I couldn’t get a migraine even if I stared at strobe lights all day. I don’t get that feeling with Ajovy, I just feel normal (for me). But I guess it’s still early since the drug doesn’t kick in right away.

    Anyway, hoping to hear from someone else on this drug. I feel like a guinea pig since I can’t find anyone online or offline who is on it!

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  • By alis7

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  • By ladiegray

    I got my 1st injection a week ago Friday, do 8 days ago. I got my period this past cpuple of days, and per usual I am having horrible migraines. In fact, this particular cycle I have had a non stop migraine for 3 days, at what i consider to be 8-10/10 level. I hope it isn’t the ajovy. I have yet to find out when the ad is supposed to actually kick in. I also get botox injections every 3 months and after round 2 it seemed effective but now at round 4 not at all. I am feeling pretty desperate and sick of being this debilated. Praying ajovy works but so far nothing or it is making them even worse!

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  • By amp254

    Gave myself my first injection of Ajovy on 11/27/18. Helped my chronic neck pain and has helped with migraines also. Have had migraine but pain not as severe in head or neck so difficult to tell when to take Zomig. Have just gone to bed and slept and pain was not as bad. Have had side effects of nausea, constipation and severe bloating since. Increasing in severity. Hope it doesn’t last all month. Not sure I will do a second injection of it does continue all the time.

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  • By TeaAndCrumpets

    I’ve had 2 months of Ajovy so far. I dropped Depakote dose to 250 mg (from 1000) during the first month and stopped it completely for the second month and am now due for the third. I do still get botox every 3 months and use Sumatriptan and Ergotamine injections as rescue meds.
    My migraines are significantly reduced in frequency and intensity though have had to use Sumatriptan once and Ergotamine once as I got closer to the end of the 4 week cycle. My neurologist and I agreed since the drug was new to both of us to start out with monthly injections instead of three at a time for 3 mo ths.
    My only complaint initially has been its pretty painful to inject though not nearly as bad as Ergotamine. More recently, I’ve developed a rash first on my back now on my chest that is incredibly itchy. I’me mot sure its related and the Ajovy has helped A Lot!!! I’m due for the 3rd and will probably go ahead and take it and invest in hydrocortisone

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    • By Ellen H

      To: TeaAndCrumpets

      I am not a medical person, but an itchy rash after a new medication sounds serious. You might want to get a second opinion. Ellen H.

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  • By Ellen H

    I tried Ajovy, 11/14/2018. I woke up the next day with a screeching migraine on top of the migraine that I live with everyday. It’s been 35 days, and my head is still screeching. I think I am done with Ajovy. Ellen H.

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  • By 1qsljqg

    Hi. I’ve had post- traumatic migraines for 5 years from MTBI. I started Ajovy Dec 3rd after Aimovig failed to help. I have had no migraine improvement with Ajovy. I am also having side effects, including dizziness, constipation & irritability.I saw my PCP 2 wks after Ajovy started for severe ear pain. She said it was a flair up of my trigeminal neuralgia from the Ajovy. I’ve been waiting years for these medications & it’s very disappointing. The hype before these drugs came out was way over- inflated. Hope it works for someone.😑

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  • By Blitzenk9

    I took my 1st AJOVY injection last month. No side affects. I went from having 2-4 migraines a WEEK to 1 migraine and 2 headaches ALL MONTH. Just had my 2nd AJOVY injection last week. No side affects. 1 migraine this week. So far, I’m so happy and going to continue feeling cautiously optimistic. This might be GAME CHANGER for me after living with chronic migraines for over 15 years

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