CGRPs (calcitonin-gene-related peptide)

Ajovy: Have you tried it? Share your experience here.

  • By dollarslice

    Started with a three month dose twelve days ago. I’m cautiously optimistic… haven’t had a migraine yet. But it isn’t that unusual for me to go a couple weeks without one. I get around 8-10 days a month and they tend to come in clumps. I had seven days in a row with the last day being the day I started Ajovy, so I was due for a break.

    However, my brain feels absolutely the same. Still photophobic all the time, still feel “migrainey” sometimes and I have to avoid triggers, etc. When I first tried topamax it cured my photophobia and made me feel like I couldn’t get a migraine even if I stared at strobe lights all day. I don’t get that feeling with Ajovy, I just feel normal (for me). But I guess it’s still early since the drug doesn’t kick in right away.

    Anyway, hoping to hear from someone else on this drug. I feel like a guinea pig since I can’t find anyone online or offline who is on it!

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  • By alis7

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