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  • By admin

    Welcome to the Alcohol Forum

  • By jdinrochester

    That’s an interesting perspective; I’ll have to give it a try. Me and Bud Light have been strangers for way too long ;p

  • By melissadwyer13

    LOL, I can have one Bud Light and get a severe hangover and migraine and can have several beers of other brands (I prefer Coors Light) and feel fine, so I always joke that Bud Light is poison! haha I know a lot of people like it but for some reason I can’t drink that stuff not even one!

  • By Ellen Schnakenberg

    I recently tried a very small drink of Bailey’s over ice thinking I had a tension headache and since I was without meds, maybe it might help relax things and get me to sleep. Enormous mistake. It turns out my *tension* headache was a double sided Migraine and that little bit of alcohol (I rarely drink anything but soda or water or an occasional glass of tea) caused one of the worse Migraines I’ve had in years. It sure made getting home on an airplane an……. interesting….. experience. That is one trick I will NEVER try again. My headache specialist once told me that if I ever wanted a drink that I should make it *good* vodka as that would be the least likely to cause a problem. For me, I just found that no alcohol is worth the misery I endure after the drink, even a small one. Yup, I’m back to tea-totalling again 🙂

  • By Teri Robert


    It could be the alcohol or the sleep issues. Alcohol isn’t a trigger for me, but changes in my sleep patterns sure are.


  • By Alex

    Alcohol is a trigger so I gave it up in December 1999. Sucks… I miss Scottish single malt whiskey.

  • By Melisa71

    I’m new here…but while have never been a “heavy” drinker, do enjoy a couple of drinks now and then. I had a stroke 2 1/2 years ago caused by my migraines. Before that, rum and cokes were my drink of choice and always followed by a day in bed with a horrible migraine, even if I only had one! For me, I found that since the stroke, I can have a small amount of tequila, OR a couple of wheat beers (Blue Moon, Shock Top etc)without a migraine the next day. The taste can take some getting used to, but they aren’t bad!

  • By Kerry P

    I’m new here but I don’t think you have to give up alcohol completely. I’m not a big drinker but I learned only to drink vodka. The clearer the alcohol the less likely the headache. It also doesn’t matter if I have 1 drink or 10 I’ll wake up with the same hangover.

  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi Kerry,

    Some people are extremely sensitive to alcohol and have to avoid it all together, while others can enjoy the occasional drink. It really is an individual thing.

  • By Leslie

    I am new to this site. I have had frequent migraines for the past 6 years. For me alcohol started as an occasional trigger with wine, and has evolved to be an always trigger with any type of alcohol. I really enjoy beer, especially after a stressful day. Anytime I decide to indulge, I know there is about a 90% chance I will end up taking a Maxalt. Very recently (last 2 months) I have been drinking more porters and stouts. I have realized that I have yet to get a migraine headache from Guinness! I am very excited about this and wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if they know what may be the ingredient or difference in Guinness that makes it not trigger a HA?

    • By dboenzi

      My story on drinking and migraines is almost exactly like Leslie’s. I completely gave up drinking when there was almost a certain chance I would get a terrible 12hr migraine if I had 1 beer. On a recent trip to Ireland however, I broke down at the Guinness brewery and tried one….no headache. This became my drink when we went out for the next ten days…and not 1 headache! One pub didn’t serve that brand, and I made the mistake of trying a similar brand. Terrible results. Keep in mind I’m only drinking 2 beers….maybe three. I found this only works with Guinness and only on tap. The cans they sell in the States give me the same results as every other beer. Someone we met on our trip told me it may be the gluten free nature of Guinness? I don’t know, but I thought Id share…

  • By Tori Spain

    Hello, not really sure if anyone will see this post, but I experienced the same thing as Leslie. I used to be able to drink a lot of whatever I wanted and it never triggered my migraines. Now it seems like one of anything is the limit. If I have two or three drinks by the time I wake up the next morning I have a horrible migraine and am shaking and nauseous. That’s interesting about the Guinness i’ll have to try that sometime! Beer in general has typically been better for me. I try to steer clear of anything fruity whether it’s wine or or all those flavored things like mikes hard, limearitas, etc. those ones are the worst. Are there any other alcohols anyone has found that work? Many people have said vodka and that is hit or miss for me. I just turned 21 and it hasn’t been very fun so far when I know I can’t drink anything!

  • By Tammy Rome

    Alcohol isn’t a migraine trigger for me, but it sure is a cluster headache trigger. Even if I’m not in cycle, as little as one wine cooler will set off a cycle. Too bad for me because I sure do like strawberry margaritas.

  • By sgirl

    I have had the same issue. I used to be able to drink socially..a beer or a couple mixed drinks. Then beer was out due to really bad migraines the next day and now I can’t even have one vodka/ OJ without waking with a headache. Not a hangover as I don’t have enough to do that, but even one. Makes it hard as you go out to dinner with family and they always keep handing you a drink and don’t understand what “JUST ONE” will do to us later that night :((

  • By VKat2016

    Wine makes me get migraines. So I just gave up alcoholic drinks in all. Haven’t really missed it. Prefer not to have a migraine… If you get a migraine right after you drink it, then most likely it is a trigger. Not worth the pain. I limit my soda intake so when I do have it, its a big treat 🙂 There are more ways to have a fun time!
    P.S if you are in a social event and tempted to fall into peer pressure-theres a bunch of fun virgin drinks!

  • By AleexH

    I sympathize with you, I also had similar problems after I quit drinking, it’s possible that your liver has been seriously affected, in which case Essentiale Forte can help you

  • By addywads

    I have never been a big drinker but have enjoyed the occasional glass of two of wine. I started getting a migraine after the 2nd glass so I only had one then even one would do it and now just a sip is a no no. A friend came over the other night with non alcoholic grape juice so I had 3 glasses – big mistake! I checked the bottle next morning and the only thing I could see that could have triggered a migraine was the Sulphur dioxide and / or sodium benzoate? E220 and E211 are the numbers I’m now afraid of. I actually tested it the other night and had a diet soda which has E211 in it and I woke with a migraine (stupid but I had to know!) Ive suffered for over 40 years and no doctor has been able to help so I hope I’m onto at least finding my triggers. I am going to try the Guinness by the way 😉