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    I’ve had ‘headaches’ since I was a young child. By high school, I knew OTC meds wouldn’t do anything. In college they got so bad I would lay in the shower under cold water many nights & just suffered during the day. My doctor prescribed Imitrex, but our insurance wouldn’t cover the cost. My fiancé was diagnosed with 5 brain tumors & died, so my focus changed and I don’t really remember more headaches. I graduated with honors, but struggled constantly.

    The ‘headaches’ came back with a vengeance. I missed a day a month or so at work from these ‘headaches’. When I had my first successful pregnancy the headaches seemed to be gone. Then during my 2nd successful pregnancy I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I received chemo while pregnant and delivered a healthy baby. Then I had more chemo that damaged my peripheral nerves. Then I had 8 surgeries that damaged my brachial nerves. After that the attacks came weekly-my arms would ache, my neck ached, and then my head would ache too. Sometimes the headaches came first causing the neck & arm pain. I lost my job as these problems continued to get worse.

    In 2015 I was bucked off my horse & dislocated my ‘bad’ shoulder & got a severe concussion despite my helmet. Since then I’m down 3-4 days a week with ‘headaches’. Some respond to imitrex injections, others respond to narcotics, still others respond to nothing. I throw up, get diarrhea, shake uncontrollably, have blurry vision, a swollen face & arms/hands, and cannot think or talk straight. Even on good days my head hurts constantly.

    I’ve got an appointment with the Headache Center at the University of KY in March. I’m just wondering if anyone else has issues like this.

    I feel so worthless and damaged. I worry about my children growing up with a mom like me. My husband tries to understand, but he has his own disability. I don’t know how to cope anymore. Please tell me I’m not alone.

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