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Living with Migraine

And now for something completely different: Good Days?

  • By Pendragon

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been having a look over some of the discussions across this forum, and one thing I noticed: Everyone talks about how badly the migraine has effected their lives, which is not a criticism, merely an observation.

    My question is: What do people like to do on their “days off”, when they don’t have a migraine, or at least when it’s not too bad to do anything. Migraines cost us lots, we potentially lose friends, hobbies, jobs, and so many other things. But what about the things we still manage to do that we enjoy? Or new things we’ve found to enjoy because of the migraine?

    I’ve been having a lot of bad days recently, and just thought that maybe a lighter mood might be in order.

    I guess the question is: What activities do us migrainers get up to for fun when we’re able?
    For me, I enjoy trying to meet up with friends who’re understanding, sometimes even just getting out of the house is enough, often I’ll grab lunch somewhere (even if I’m alone).

  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi Pendragon,

    Thank you so much for bringing up this thought provoking question! It is hard to focus on the good things in life when our pain controls it most of the time.

    I love the activities you describe when you have a less painful day. I do some of the same things, in addition to maybe taking a trip to the library or going for a walk in my neighborhood. I find it’s important to be very careful not to overdo on better days!

    I hope more people let us know what their activities are? Thank you 🙂

  • By kmripple

    Awesome question Pendragon!
    I love to, in no particular order…
    Go out to eat
    Play with my small children!
    Go hiking/canoeing/walking, anything that lets me connect with nature
    Do arts and crafts, mostly little angels out of clay
    Spend time with good friends
    Go to the beach
    Go to the pool
    Discover new places (I have constant wanderlust, and usually the crappier I feel, the stronger it is)

    Bad days suck!

  • By Lynn Marie

    I’ve been thinking about this questions for a couple days. It’s a different way to put it – usually I think more about what I can’t do on a migraine day. Things I do on good days:
    Shop at a big store or multiple stores, and run errands.
    Plan and prepare a needlework project, such as making a chart on the computer for knitted lace or doing artwork for an embroidery or tapestry piece. I’m teaching myself some new techniques, and I set up a project and practice stitches on my good days.
    Spur of the moment trips to specialty shops for spinning or embroidery supplies, or just to look around and think about new projects.
    Go to a craft fair.
    I’m always amazed at how much I get done on a good day.

  • By lady8bug

    Hello this is my first post. To a really great topic and great answers.
    I need to take lessons from the 3 of you.
    I still try to do that catch up thing (I get two good days a week right now) cleaning,laundry,brushing furry dogs,and actually cooking for my husband.
    I am still willing to do special things like craft shows,drive to a friend’s house, go out to dinner with husband.(once a month,I feel guilty if any more).
    I know I may over do it but when when I have a great day I feel like I can do anything.
    Yes I am learning to log what I do and if there are triggers for now.
    Taking go days and running with them.


  • By tammay

    Glad you brought this up. You’re right that it is easy to get caught up in the bad days of migraine, since migraine is so debilitating, that we forget about the joy of the good days.

    For me, good days mean reading, watching classic films, cooking, and writing fiction. Also, doing a bit of exercise (just a walking DVD, so it’s not much) and also spending time on Facebook seeing what my friends and family are up to.


  • By owieithurts

    What a great idea to focus on the positive! Thank you, I needed that. Wow, I haven’t had a good day in awhile, but I am looking forward to one now. I am telling myself I will not spend it getting caught up on all the things that I’m not getting done on the bad days. Instead I will: catch up with a friend, maybe over a meal, and/or if the weather cooperates take a walk outside and/or work on a craft project that is 3 years old now and I really want to get finished or bake some cookies – yum!

  • By Jules2dl

    I have to laugh. I recently posted on FaceBook that I actually had no headache at all one day, and that I didn’t remember when the last time was that I’d been able to say that. I was clearly elated.
    So at least 2 people commented on how sad it was that I was so happy about 1 headache free day. Way to bum me out! But it didn’t, I’m completely open to small and large miracles alike.
    When I feel up to it I work on mosaics or decoupage or hand paint furniture. I always have art projects in the works.
    Sometimes I’ll venture out to the grocery store and cook up one of my husband’s favorite meals to surprise him with when he gets home.
    But if I’m feeling really good and want to be really bad….I’ll go to Hobby Lobby….

    (ssshhhh….don’t tell my husband)