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    Welcome to the Aura Forum

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    Can more information about the connection between Aura sufferers and stroke possibilities be made available on this site? Thanks!

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    Ellen Schnakenberg

    Hi Suzie, is there a particular question you’d like to see someone here address? We’d like to help where we can… 🙂

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    I have been diagnosed with migraines – my main problem is the aura not the migraine itself. During the aura, which lasts maybe a minute or two, I get a strong sense of deja vous, can’t concentrate, and don’t make a lot of sense when speaking or writing (although I can say enough to get myself out of the room). My confusion lasts about five minutes before I am myself again and then a dull headache usually follows. It happens 1-3 times a month. I can’t, though, seem to identify any triggers. Doctor has said he has ruled out other things, but I’m still not so sure since I never really get a throbbing headache that won’t go away with just normal over the counter medicine. Could it be something else? Or does this sound common for a migraine?

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    Ellen Schnakenberg

    Funkychicken, You might want to take a few minutes and look up acephalgic Migraine. Additionally, not all Migraine attacks are severe enough to need serious medical intervention. This is one reason why it can be so difficult to get a good diagnosis. Triggers are notoriously difficult to find because they can sometimes act together over several days, making finding them difficult at best. Using a Migraine journal can be very helpful. If you don’t find it helpful after a couple of months, then make the journal more detailed and see if that doesn’t yield better information.

    Obviously only a doctor can properly diagnose what is going on in your circumstance, but taking some time and reading the great information here, creating your diary and eliminating potential triggers from your life may be helpful to you. It certainly is a great way to begin a thoughtful conversation with your doctors about your concerns. Good luck and let us know how it goes 🙂

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    Funky chicken i have the saem thing. how ofter do you get these auras?

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    Like Funky Chicken, my problem is less the migraine and more the aura.
    I am a sufferer of infrequent, irregular migraines which are preceeded by an aura which lasts around 45-minutes.
    Having to live with migraines is perfectly manageable to me. It’s the unpredictability and rapidity of the onset which are severely impacting my life.
    As the aura comes in instantly and impairs my vision dramatically, I am unable to drive or move around safely. I am at the point now where I am too afraid to venture too far from my house with my two preschoolers.
    Does anyone have any advice on handling this? I never seem to meet any migraine sufferers who experience the same problem.

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    Ellen Schnakenberg

    rosemaryj – Because you experience aura you ARE experiencing Migraine attacks, just that you are missing the pain portion of the attack. It is perfectly realistic to want to talk to your doctor about starting preventive therapy since your auras are definitely impacting your life. Migraine isn’t all about pain, and the other symptoms can be just as debilitating and often, unfortunately, ignored.

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    I would like to know if anyone is having auras that seem to keep changing from one form to another. I have had a couple of the all out white and black jagged edge visual disturbance kind that completely occludes my vision and causes me to hang onto something so I don’t fall down until my sight clears. But that was only the first phase.

    Then I started, several years later, to get flashes of light that look like commas moving all over my visual field. Sometimes there are one or two, sometimes several hundred. They can go in all over directions like fireworks or from left to right or right to left. I have been having those for a couple of years now.

    I have also had something that looks like a wide paintbrush of white paint (or light because it is very bright) that swipes over my vision and then disappears. This can be small, big, over one eye or both, and does not last more that 30 sec. normally.

    The new kind that I am experiencing that has me more worried is happening every day and evening. At first I thought it was a reflection on my glasses from outside lights, or inside lights or the flicker from the fluorescent bulbs in the ceiling. And I thought it was happening only at night. But it happens whether I have my specs on or off, at night or during the day, basically anytime I seem to be walking around. I am getting half circle shaped flashes in my peripheral vision, on both sides, and they keep going until I stop moving. I think they are more sever at night, but I am noticing them during the day as well. Because they are so constant, I don’t know whether to see my migraine doc or my eye doctor. But they are disturbing.

    I am newly taking Depakote as a prophylactic, and besides a few unwanted side effects, it is working well, and the severity of my migraine pain is much reduced – more than it has been in at least 10 years. However these auras have come along with the Depakote, and I don’t know what to think of them.

    Does anyone have any experience with this, or know what this is? Should I be worried, or just take it as another evolution of the disease and be happy that I have less pain to deal with.

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    Ellen Schnakenberg

    hangingbyathread – any time something changes you should see your headache specialist to be sure it is Migraine related. Chances are, these are auras, but you really should be sure and not assume anything.

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    Thanks. I wrote an e-mail to my doc last night and will try to get an answer this week. I’ll let you know what she says. Auras can be so peculiar, as I am finding out. I wish there was more information on their causes and why some people get them, some don’t, and some, like me, get them much later into their time with migraine disease.

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    Ellen Schnakenberg

    hangingbyathread – Mine have definitely changed over time. I used to only have Migraine with aura. Now I miss the aura stage fairly frequently, and when I do get them they are different, and not as bad as they were at the beginning.

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    Hi, I just joined today. I’ve had migraine for years, but aura just started 2 months ago. They have become VERY weird. The first was typical-crescent of flashing stripes and my eye was missing. That headache lasted 12 days though. The second was really odd. An evaluation I was typing took on the characteristics of the 1940’s. Not exactly the coloring, although it ‘felt’ light blue. strange. The third one was a hallucination- I was putting some medical charts away and saw that a number of the ‘H’ section had been misfiled with D’s and S’s, etc. I went through and took all of the wrong ones out to refile later. When I went back to do that, they were all ‘H’s’. But I actualy had SEEN those charts. yikes. The headaches came an hour or so after each of these things. Also, I get hours of hiccups sometimes before a migraine. Does anyone else get this kind of stuff?

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    I haven’t noticed anything like hiccups, but my auras are now including changes in my auditory system. The semicircular light flashes which are going pretty much all the time – day & night – and I do have daily migraines. I was watching some TV during a little pain lull and the sound from the TV started to come first into one ear and then into the other, like I was the center of a stereo system that someone was trying to balance. It was the most peculiar sensation I have ever had.

    I need to get a new prescription for my specs. but I am sure all of this is connected with the auras. Fortunately they do not happen when I am driving, only when I am walking, at least so far. It is all so odd. Who know what will show up next!

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    Milly 1001

    Hi Im am a 37 year old and i have just suffered my first migraine. I was in work when suddenly i felt confused and unable to speak, my vision was blurred and the right side of my face and my right arm went numb. I thought i was having a stroke and my boss took me to the hospital. After an hour the symptoms started to clear and the headache began. What is worrying me is that almost a week later and the aura sysmptoms keep recurring. Even doing the slightest thing makes me exhausted and brings the blurred vision, confusion and numbness on. Is it normal for this to happen so long after the headache has gone ? It happens at least twice a day.

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    Hi Milly,

    Welcome to the migraine aura forum. I’m sorry your experience was so scary. Your boss did the absolute correct thing getting you to the ER.
    Typically after an attack has ending, the symptoms resolve. If you haven’t yet, I would contact your doctor and let him know what is happening. Here is some information that may be helpful;

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    Hi, I’m 33 years old and have been taking oral contraceptives for years (under supervision, of course). First, I would like to apologise for my writing, english is not my mother tongue so sometimes I find it difficult to express myself clearly in English 🙂

    I’m having both migraines with and without aura since my teenage years. My MWA appeared up to 5 times a year, I have discovered a few triggers (like ice cream, almonds, citrus fruits, etc., lack of sleep, …), however this last year it seems I cannot control my MWA anymore.

    My MWOA is hormonal, so taking oral contraceptives had taken an edge off them, but I have experienced up to 18 MWA per month since this spring. My MWA is not always the same, while aura is always visual and very often motoric too (“moving from L to R or vice versa” numbness of some part of my face and/or fingers), the pain does not always develops to the same degree. I just had an aura of 30 minutes this morning and I’m able to do some sport for example now without any (greater) problems.

    I’ve visited my gynacologist and neurologist, there is no change in my brain activity, still they recommended I stopped my OC, but neither could tell me for sure if the frequency of my MWA would reduce. I know, they can’t give me a precise answer as all migraineurs are specific individuals.

    So, my question is: has anyone experienced a reduced frequency of MWA when stopped taking OC? I’m already affraid what will happen with my hormonal MWOA, but to suffer the same frequency of my MWA, I’m not sure I’ll be able to stand it …

    Regards, Sasha

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    Hi Sasha,

    No one can really answer this because we are all so different. Some women may experience a reduction however, some may see an increase when stopping birth control. A bigger issue is that women who have migraine with aura are at an increased risk of stroke when taking birth control pills so it’s a good recommendation from your doctors.
    Dr. Hutchinson, one of our experts talks about this here;

    Does that help any?

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    Ellen Schnakenberg

    Sasha – Here is a link that might be very informative for you re: reproductive hormones and Migraine

    Migraine Causes and Hormonal Changes in Women

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    I’ve started medication after my vertigo has started getting worse on the meds I’m on for that and an optician identified that I’m suffering with Migraine Auras.
    Not sure if the constant headache is part of the migraine or not but the auras are daily.

    Took my first med last night and have been very dazed and sleepy today. Managed to wake up early still but after 2 hours out of the house I was dropping asleep and have been in bed all day since!

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    Ellen Schnakenberg

    Fawn Hunkins-Beckford – Not only might Migraine make you sleepy/fatigued, but the meds may also often have that as a side effect. I don’t know what you’re taking, but have you looked up those side effects yet? Oftentimes, side effects lessen as your body gets used to the presence of the preventive. What does your doctor say?

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    Chris Hicks

    Hello to the group!

    I don’t know if this is aura or not…

    For years I have had what I called an aura. Allow me to describe this experience. It would start with an intense feeling of deja vu. This would be followed by a sense of feeling very, very warm all over. I would also get an uncomfortable feeling that my stomach was “rising”, kind of like the feeling one gets when riding a rollercoaster. In the past this would sometimes be followed by something that was almost like an hallucinationm, usually just a scene, almost like a picture.

    I have gone through testing for epliepsy twice now, with two different neuro’s. In both cases the results have come back negative. Currently my neuro has given me a diagnosis of “Spells”. I don’t recall the ICD9 code for this, but yes, it does exist. When I refer to these things as auras related to the migraine my neuro corrects me and says that they do not sound like migraine aura.

    I will also mention I have had two MRI’s done in the last eight years and they were both normal.

    So, my question to the group is this: Has anyone else experienced anything similar and do you consider, or has your neuro acknowledged, the experience to be an aura?

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    Hi Chris,

    I’ve not experienced this, but seeing as migraine is neurological disease that can impact our entire body, the symptoms you describe could be part of the aura phase.

    Take a look at this information and see what you think;


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    Hello everyone!

    I’m new here, but I would already like to say that really is a great initiative! I’m from Belgium and after searching for a good online ‘migraine-group’ in my own language, I’ve decided to join

    My concern is that I keep having new sorts of aura’s. I’m 19 years old and I got diagnosed with chronic migraine last summer after an attack that lasted 3 whole months. Recently I started to have aura’s, but without the following headaches. My aura’s are feeling lightheaded, seeing flashes of light, tinglings in my hands and feet and the most common feeling I’ve experienced the last time is a numb feeling in the left side of my face. My biggest problem is that my aura’s last for days, even weeks, without having the migraine-breaktrough. The numb feeling in my face disappeared after 2 weeks. Now I have a light feeling in my head the entire day. It’s not my bloodpressure (I checked) but now I was wondering if this could be the same as with the numb feeling in my face? Is it possible that it’s just another aura without the following migraine? Ofcourse when I keep feeling like this, I will visit my doctor again. I just wondered if people recognize this?



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    Hello, I am new to the forum. It is great to find a community of people with the same condition. I had my first migraine when I was 12, accompanied by the aura beforehand. Later, I had migraines with aura on an episodic basis, usually a couple of times per year. Between the ages of 21 and 40, I don’t remember having any migraines at all. Then, when I was 45, I began to have the aura, exactly the same as when I was younger, but without the headache. That occurred a few times in one day, then went away. A couple of years later, the symptoms increased, and at this point, I am in the process of a two week off and on occurrence of auras, and one of them included the headache. It stopped for four days, then I had an aura again. I tried a new thing, to guzzle a ton of water when the aura began. And guess what, the aura faded with a couple of minutes, never completing it’s usual cycle of spreading out in the vision. Then tonight, another aura began. So I went to the kitchen and drank at least three large glasses of water. At first, I thought, oh no, it’s not working this time, but within 3 or 4 minutes, the aura dissipated completely. I then waited for one hour, for a headache, but nothing happened.
    So, I’m wondering if this trick, of drinking a bunch of water as soon as your aura begins, may also work for other people, and thereby help them avoid the rest of the migraine? It won’t hurt to at least try it. I got this idea after researching migraines for the past two weeks, and reading that dehydration can make the symptoms worse. But, I’m thinking there is more to it, since a migraine is probably some type of electrical fault, it could be possible, at least in theory, that consuming large amounts of water at the onset of a migraine may produce some sort of electrical disturbance wherein the migraine is halted, as it is well-known that water has superb conductivity properties. This is of course just my wild idea, but twice now, it has worked for me, so at least give it a try and see what happens.

    Have a great night,

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    Ellen Schnakenberg

    Hi Lyn 🙂

    Isn’t it great to find something that seems to be helpful? If it seems to be helpful, then it’s certainly not going to hurt you. My only caution at this point is that it is possible to drink too much water. It’s called water intoxication and it can be fatal. I don’t know how much water you were consuming at once, but keeping consistently hydrated throughout each day is really usually the best way to avoid a dehydration trigger.

    There are many ways this could be helping you – too many to go into much detail here. Your gut is actually known as the “second brain” and it’s where the majority of serotonin used in the body is made. Serotonin has been implicated in Migraine pathogenesis, however it is thought that little serotonin from the is used in the brain. Still, there are intimate connections between the two, so who knows.

    There is also something called an acephalgic Migraine aka silent Migraine. This is when an aura occurs, but without the pain portion of the attack. You’ve already had what sounds to be similar symptoms, so it’s certainly possible that could be what is happening to you.


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    does anyone else get increased salivation with migraine aura?

    hi Sarah from Belgium. I also have aura which lasts for ages, I’m just feel really fatigued and constant double vision (other visuals, flashes, spots etc are more periodic); foggy brain, can’t think clearly. I was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and I wonder if this has made it worse. Does anyone know if there is a relationship?

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    I am a 71-year-old male and have been experiencing a series of migraine auras since May this year.

    My previous experience of a migraine aura was in the early 1990s when I had one episode, but nothing again until a couple of years ago, when I was given a new medication for HBP, and this triggered a series of aura episodes. When I stopped taking the medication, however, the auras ceased.

    But, as I say, since May I’ve been getting them again and this time I am not taking anything I consider might be a trigger.

    My experience of frequency is between 2-3 days and 11 days between episodes. They begin with a small anomaly in vision, which over a few minutes expands to a ‘jagged band’ or ‘starburst’ effect in vision which usually lasts for 20 minutes. I usually also have a headache, but this isn’t usually too severe and doesn’t last long.

    My main question for others on the forum is this: is anyone coping with these migraine auras WITHOUT taking medication? The reason I ask this is that I’ve been prescribed two different kind of preventative medications to date. The first of these was Sodium Valproate, which had the side-effect of making me very nauseous. I stopped and was then prescribed Amitriptyline which, quite frankly, I’m loathe to try as I read that a possible side-effect (apart from dry mouth and sleepiness) is palpitations. (I occasionally have skipped heart beats — arrythmia — and am worried the Amitriptyline may trigger it.)

    I’ve also tried Feverfew without success. I’m thinking now I may try to cope with the auras and forget about drugs. Does anyone else find this to be the best approach?

    Many thanks in advance for your responses.

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    Ellen Schnakenberg


    I did have increased salivation with my hyperthyroid condition, and changes in my Migraine auras too. My thyroid is being increased right now and the auras have been very long-lasting and a little crazy due to those changes. There is often a connection between thyroid conditions and Migraine. Here is a link that might be helpful: and part 2:


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    Thanks Ellen that is really helpful! Do you know if it makes a different if it’s autoimmune or not? I.e. do the antibodies have an independent effect? You mention encephalitis and neuro symptoms from antibodies, would this relate to migraine if mild or is it something completely different?

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    Ellen Schnakenberg


    That’s a complicated set of questions…

    Each trigger we have can be slightly different. The same goes for these. The antibodies and autoimmunity are a comorbid condition, so yes, they do also appear as an independent disease/disorder.

    Does that help you understand how it all works together?


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    Yes, but are they also migraine triggers independently do you know?

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    I’m starting on topiramate tomorrow, anybody had any experience with that??

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    Hello I need some reassurance. I suffer badly from health anxiety, althoigh I dont get migraines often they do freak mr out as I loose half of my vision for aprox 10 mins with coloures flashes before I get a headache. I read an article saying that this type of head ache will give you a stroke. Please help

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    Hi Crystalfisher1992,

    Thank you for your question and being part of our discussion forum – we’re glad you’re here!

    Migraine with aura will not “give you a stroke” but may increase the risk of stroke. Here’s an article that may be helpful in explaining things;

    It’s not uncommon for migraine disease and anxiety to be comorbid conditions. This means they can occur at the same time but are not caused by one another. When you get a chance take a look at this article for more information; blog.

    I hope that helps!

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