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Bras, Hats, Ponytails, Headbands. Really?!

  • By Nicci

    Hi everyone,

    Anyone have the experience of their bra, hats, headbands, ponytails or barrettes triggering? Or am Iactually in the pain phase of migraine when this happens (often)? After a run or being in dress that requires a bra — not that anyone likes these straight jackets — bUT I can’t wait to get the thing off and usually am in a level of pain by the time I do. Rrrrrgh. Coming back next life as a man… or better yet, my dog!

  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi Nicci,

    Thanks for your question and welcome to the discussion forum! It’s not unheard of to be triggered by hair accessories such as the things you mentioned. I’ve not heard the bra angle before, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

    Allodynia is a condition when things that normally don’t cause pain, are painful. Some of us experience pain when we brush our hair during and even in between attacks. Here is more information on this;


  • By Danielle Abe

    I have always noticed hats and hair accessories triggering headaches but only when tight. This was before the onset of my 4-month long migraine. The cycle was broken by significant dietary modification but during that time I couldnt wear a hat and sunglasses bothered me, too. So, it was hard to keep annoying sunlight out of my eyes. Now that my headaches are 100 times better and sporadic, I can wear a hat for a short time but then have to take it off or wear it on top of my head and look doofy. Oh well!
    Bras dont cause a problem but straps from bathing suits and sports bras give my neck aches!


  • By Nicci

    Danielle… thank you for sharing and SO GLAD you’ve had improvement! I love to hear that! Nancy… thank you for the allodynia info!!

  • By owieithurts

    Yes, sometimes when I have a migraine I can’t stand to have any restricting form of clothing on – including a bra! Of course it’s not always possible for me to immediately disrobe (ha ha!)

  • By Livvy

    The hairband ~ absolutely have experienced this. Both the kind that are like an Alice band and pulling my hair back in a pony tail. Even taking out a pony tail in the past felt sometimes weird, like my head was going ahhhh. The first headache I ever remember was when I was about 8 and my mom (and I think she was kind of in a bad mood that day) pulled my hair up in this severe bun and about 2 hours into school my head was hurting and I took it out and later felt better.