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Natural Remedies

Breakthrough Migraine Cure!

  • By redhourglass

    I’ve been suffering with Migraines since I went through puberty at 11yrs old. Once a month,after my menses,I would begin to develop a migraine. The pain lasted anywhere from 24-72hours.During this painful episode I would experience light sensitivity,nausea,dizziness,and irritability to loud noises. My physician experimented with Rx migraine medication,Acetaminophen,Ibuprofen, Naproxen,Advil,Caffeine,and even Narcotics. Nothing worked. The migraines began to affect my work performance at least once a month,and I was at my wits end. I went to Rite aide one day before work,and purchased multivitamin supplements to begin taking. I was short on time,so I stashed the bottle in my purse. Later on at work,I felt a migraine coming on,so I took Advil and a Multivitamin. Miraculously, he pain went away! In the following months I experimented with Just Advil or Just the Multivitamin. I had a hunch that something else was going on so my doctor agreed to get blood work on me. As it turns out,I am Anemic,and when my menses ends,my body is low in iron. Ever since I was diagnosed,I have been able to prevent the migraines,as long as I take my vitamins . If any males/females are suffering from chronic migraines,please get a complete blood count,to rule out whether or not your iron levels are low. It just might help tremendously. Good luck!

  • By Katie M. Golden Moderator

    That’s fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing. This could definitely help others searching for answers!

  • By 1ywpwfd

    After working with people who have suffered with Migraines, I started testing some organic juices and how it works in the body. I allowed a few friends to test it and now they are blown away! The results have been amazing! After drinking 8oz per day the results have been 100%!! We have seen Migraines disappear, we have seen psoriasis disappear, regrowth to hair and major skin improvement. I am thinking about putting this out for others to try.

  • By CallMeTrish

    RedHourGlass – thanks for posting this. I’m not anemic, but I’m wondering if my iron levels impact my migraine frequency regardless. I think I get more migraines when my iron is lower.

    The Iron Disorders Institute has a fact sheet out called “Ferritin: an important part of the iron panel” that suggests that “normal” should be 50-150 ng/mL for adult women, not 12-150 ng/mL – and a Google Scholar search will pull up the literature behind this. My level two weeks ago was 27 ng/mL.

    I’m now taking iron bisglycinate, a new type of iron supplement that is easy on the stomach because it is well absorbed when attached to the amino acid glycinate. It’s been a week of that, and maybe a month of iron supplements in general, and I haven’t seen a difference yet, but it could take months to get my iron up to a level where it makes a difference. And I recently re-tried Zoming, and it seems to help now for some reason. Maybe I needed higher iron levels to help?

    I’ll try to remember to come back and update this post in a month or two, to let you and other readers know how things worked out.

    In the meantime, congrats and thanks for posting!

  • By Sunny

    I have to urge everyone, however – do NOT start taking iron supplements unless you first take a ferritin test to see if you are in fact low in iron.
    I have had migraines for years – turns out I had iron overload from vitamin supplements.
    Your body stores excess iron – and once you have too much, the only way to lower your levels is through phlebotomy or blood donation.
    So if you think you are anemic, please get a blood test first.

  • By Panda2015

    Thanks for sharing your experiences – this is great information!

  • By Kinga

    Hi All,

    about 2 years ago together with lots of stress at work, i decided to have my iron level checked. It was far below the recommended minimum – actually so low, that my doctor urged me to take infusions. He also mentioned that building higher iron level with diet or medication is extremely slow process. After two infusions (one week apart), my iron level was on acceptable level, but it did not make any difference to the migraine attacks.
    From my very early childhood i’m suffering from them, and since about 4 years regularly twice a month (before and after period).

    What makes me quite hopeful is vitamin D3. I’ve been taking it only since one month, but already i can say that most probably i missed one of my “scheduled” migraines. I may add, that i tried magnesium + vit B2 in large doses, gluten-free diet, acupuncture, massages, chinese herbs, searched for help at chiropractor… Each of them few months at a time. None of them helped so far. Hopefully, just maybe, vit. D3 is what i’ve been waiting for 🙂


  • By Cass

    Good afternoon all!
    I am new to but definitely not new to migraines. I am 35 years old, and have been experiencing migraines since age 5. After 30 years, I have finally found some relief by first, figuring out how my body was deficient; and second, supplementing those deficiencies. Like most of you, I was tired of being prescribed expensive, chemical narcotics that would sometimes work. I am posting this for any women who suffer from hormonal migraines…

    Like clockwork, every month, I would get an awful migraine that lasted 3-4 days. Complete with throwing up, light and sound sensitivity, tremors, chills, and stabbing pain. After figuring out that they were definitely hormonal and that the deficiency in estrogen during that time frame was a major trigger, I started thinking…what if I found everything that I am deficient in and proactively supplemented the week before? I will say this- estrogen patches worked wonders for me. However, I did not want to depend on or take anything synthetic. Also, they made me a hot mess emotionally. And my doctors all said the same thing- they were quick to jump to the prescription pad for synthetic hormones. I said, I’d rather take something naturally.

    So, here is what I take every day the week before my “scheduled” migraine, and I am on a migraine-free streak for 115 days now:

    Vitamin D3
    Vitamin B Complex
    250 mg magnesium citrate
    1 24-hour Zyrtec (yeah, I know….not really natural, but one of my other big triggers is sinus inflammation)
    220 mg Aleve
    LOTS OF WATER, no alcohol (dehydration is a giant trigger for me as well)

    Try it out! Hopefully it helps you as it helped me.

    • By Katie M. Golden Moderator

      Thanks so much for sharing what has worked for you. I applaud your efforts and commitment to sticking to as many natural supplements that you can.You really took your health in your own hands to find the deficiencies you could actually do something do about.
      Congrats on your long migraine free streak. I hope it last!
      Thanks for sharing your story!
      -Katie Moderator

  • By Tam76

    I am 40 years old and I’ve suffered with migraines since at least the age of 4…maybe even earlier. At least 2-3 per week. Sometimes lasting up to 5 days straight. Nothing has ever really helped. It wasn’t until I was 19 that a doctor prescribed imitrex. It takes the pain away but it’s expensive and when I take it I just want to lay down. I have tried every other kind of migraine medicine and nothing else works. In more recent years, the doctors have given me a prescription for amitriptyline as a preventative. It’s supposed to reduce the frequency and severity. Over time I think my body has become immune. Recently, I decided to try something else. I have been taking 500mg of magnesium in the morning and a “Life Brand” (from Shoppers Drug Mart) Migraine therapy pill which contains ginger and feverview, at night. I’ve been doing this every day for 4 months. I did not stop taking the amitriptyline and I’ve always taken a multivitamin in the mornings. I have had only 5 migraines in 4 months!….and they weren’t even that bad. I’m not sure which one is the miracle but I don’t want to change anything. It has literally changed my life. After so many failures with different remedies and medications I was extremely skeptical. I hope this helps others. This remedy for me is truly a life-changing miracle.