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Medications & Prescription Treatment

Butrans Transdermal Patch

  • By Ga_Peach_Tee

    Hi! I suffer from migraines daily. My neurologist currently has me on the maximum dosage of topamax, cymbalta, fiorcet. I’ve also tried the botox treatments, which didn’t help,& I check into the hospital quarterly for DHE treatments per I.V.! I also see a pain management Dr. for my migraines. He started me on the Butrans 5mcg patch yesterday, that I’m to wear 7 days/wk for a month. Has anyone been prescribed this,& if so, have you experienced any relief? I’m so tired of feeling like a guinea pig when it comes to these meds; I just want to be “normal”, if that makes sense?!!

  • By Lukesmom

    I have never been offered butrans but it sounds like its worth a try. I too am on max dose of topamax, take gabapentin, propanolol, effexor, and these supplements: riboflavin, magnesium, CO Q 10, butterbur, feverfew as per my Neuro. Botox and occipital nerve blocks didn’t work for me. I am in the process of getting neurostimulator surgery for my migraines in Nashville. (I live in Birmingham and the Nville center is the closest to me. There are several Migraine Centers around the country.). I am hoping this works for me and I understand how you feel about being a guinea pig trying all these remedies!! I hope the butrans patch works for you!! I know you’ve tried everything and like me feel like there has to be something out there to help ease the agony of migraine disease!! Let me know how the patch works…I’ll ask my Neuro about it for me if you like it!!

  • By The Migraine Girl Moderator


    I see that you have both a neurologist and a pain management doctor. Is either of these doctors an expert in migraine disease? I am concerned with the number of preventive medications you’re on considering you haven’t found any significant relief. (I have been in that boat myself before!) I would consider reaching out to a migraine specialist if you haven’t already. Going to an intensive migraine treatment center may be an option for you as well so that you can have hopes to break this cycle.

    Here are a couple of links that may be helpful to you (and to Lukesmom, who so kindly responded above).

    Take care,
    Janet G.
    “The Migraine Girl”

  • By Miri

    Hi! I know this thread was started a super long time ago, but just in case the question still hadn’t been answered, I’d like to chime in my experience with the Butrans transdermal patch.

    I just started the Butrans patch (5mcg/hr) four weeks ago by my pain clinic doc after countless preventive and abortive medications/treatments over many years. I must say, this has been my most successful treatment in a very long time. The first 2 weeks I had mere headaches, and so for I’ve only had 3 migraines! (I’d normally have at least 6 by now) Also, they seem to be quite less severe and last about 1/3 as long!

    I’m still only on 5mcg patch, but will likely (hopefully) move to the 10mcg soon. This daily therapy has been immensely helpful thus far and I hope to report back with more positive news as time continues. If anyone else out there with migraines has tried or is trying the Butrans patch, I’d love to hear about his/her experience!!

    Best of luck and strength,


  • By Gemma Joyce Moderator

    Hi 29ao273,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the Butrans patch for migraine. It is not something I’ve tried, but I am so happy to hear about the improvement you have had so far! Please do keep us posted with how you get on.

    Wishing you continued success,


  • By Karen

    Hello, I know this is an older stream, but I just wanted to add my experience with Butrans.
    I have chronic migraine, occipital neuralgia, and fibromyalgia. In the past four yrs I’ve had 6 surgeries for the occipital neuralgia (2 RFA’s, and 4 to place a neurostimulator which involved multiple complications. I’m scheduled for another surg 8/16 to fix the wires on my stimulator. In the mean time the occipital pain is constant and I believe it’s a trigger for more migraines. I currently take Fiorecet, phenergan, Percocet, Imetrex, indocen, and xenaflex – all as needed for pain and migraine. I’m not currently taking any prophylactic meds as I’ve had side effects from all.
    My doctor gave me a script for Butrans because the percocets don’t really do much for the occipital pain and doesn’t seem to do much for migraine either. When I put the first one on it immediately made the occipital pain worse and I felt like all my nerves were in “high definition” if that makes sense. I felt every pain all over my body. I was really slurry my words, tired, and just off.
    So my experience is that it made me screwed up in the head and the pain worse. I took it off after about 12 hrs. I’ve read on other sites that it takes a few days for the full effect, but I don’t think I have it in me to put up with MORE pain for that long.
    Not sure if this will help anyone, but it’s nice to know how other people respond to meds.

    Best wishes to you all!