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Medications & Prescription Treatment

Cannabadiol Oil??? Willing to try anything!!!

  • By Leslie

    I have had a chronic migraine for over 2 years now with only a couple months reprieve. The doctors have tried everything to break it with no success. I’ve been made into a ‘zombie’ and had my blood pressure lowered so much I passed out every time I stood up on medications. I’ve been stuck with hundreds of needles and I’ve had numerous tests done. With NO results!!! I’m frustrated beyond belief….as I’m sure many of you are!!!

    Now my counselor has actually suggested Cannabadiol Oil….which she uses herself!! She had a mastectomy and she said this product helps with her pain.

    Has anyone tried this for their migraines????? Any success??????

  • By Katie M. Golden Moderator

    I have not tried cannabanoid oil myself, but just recently talked to my doctor about medicinal marijuana since its legal in my state. I, too, am doing research to decide what’s right for me.

    You may want to go over to this Forum thread on the topic of Marijuana and ask this question. More people might see it and be able to give you first hand response. Good luck!

  • By Leslie

    Thank you Katie….I’ll post this over there and see what they say too 🙂 Looks like they are looking more at the Medicinal marijuana which is not legal in Indiana, so not an option for me….at least I’m not quiet ready to try anything illegal, yet!!

    Good luck with your research!!!!