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Cefaly question (live in US, ordered overseas..)

  • By Mhaase

    Hey everyone, I’m seminew here, never posted before but read quite a bit.

    My husband lives in Australia and purchased a Cefaly device for me (I live in the US). He shipped it several weeks ago w/ the fastest shipping he could afford (was supposed to be less than 2 weeks) and I still haven’t received it. I had read awhile ago about people ordering overseas devices because of the three settings and not having trouble getting their packages, and then also have read about some people having their package delayed at customs.

    We do not have a tracking number for the package so I have no idea where this thing is. Has anyone ordered overseas who lives in the US? If so, what was your experience?

    The whole situation is stressing me out which isn’t helping w/ the migraines so I thought I would finally ask.

    Thanks 🙂


  • By Kimberly

    I ordered one that required a prescription from my doctor. My Cefaly is being delivered from Belgium. However, my neurologist thought it shipped out of France. Anyhow…I took a picture of his physicians order/prescription on my iPad and then emailed it to the company along with my application for the device with payment. I received a response from the company that it would be delivered by UPS within 2 weeks. I also, did not receive a tracking form as of yet
    I will keep you updated on the status of my order. I sure hope I receive it, for the price I paid. Good luck with yours!


  • By Mhaase

    Do you think if it does get held at customs, since i don’t have a script for it right now, my husband just sent it as a birthday present, if i got a script (easily could) and customs would clear it if it got held up?

    I hope it works for you 🙂

  • By Constance Boone

    I didn’t have a choice of which one to order. I noticed that they have an attachment that the US version doesn’t. I tried to order that, and they said they couldn’t sell it to me. It’s just another electrode that attaches to the back of the head to treat the neck and occipital nerve. They sell replacement electrodes on Amazon US (or they did for a while). I think it’s ridiculous. The European version has a treatment session and then a rescue/abortive session. Why the US couldn’t provide that, I don’t know, unless the FDA testing results weren’t high enough to make those claims. I’ve been using the Cephaly for about 2 weeks. So far, I haven’t really noticed an improvement.

    I would say even if you got a script, they wouldn’t release that version. That’s just my guess. Good luck!

  • By Mhaase

    Oh hey I forgot to update.

    I did receive my overseas Cefaly a few days after I got this. Mixed results so far.. the abortive feature does not abort the migraines for me after the session ends, however if I continue the treatment for an hour or two the pain goes away while the program is running.

    I’m very interested in this arnold kit.. I think I will have my husband purchase it and ship it over since the regular device went through just fine.

  • By Nonster

    I got my cefaly from Belgium-the one with only one setting. I have used it and it is painful for me on the full setting. I have to touch it to stop it from going further. There are times it has caused a headache but also times it has helped. The jury is still out for me. I’m. Not sure if it is helping or not. Does anyone else have to use a lower setting? Has it caused you to have a headache? Just curious…..

  • By Ellen.S

    Hi, I have been using my USA purchased Cefaly for almost 1 month now. Not counting the once a week I get a migraine, so bad that I am bed ridden and unable to function. I could not handle the extra pain.

    Is anyone experiencing shooting head pains after the treatment?
    They are becoming more frequent. Even while trying to sleep, I will get a twinge in my eye or several places all over my head. I emailed Celfay.usa and they told me not to worry about it. Easy for them to say. I do not want to give up on this device. It is expensive and I am desperate.

    After my last 3 day migraine, my usual Tryptans did not work. I had temporary but scary memory loss. I could not remember my usual passwords or where I put things.

    I have an appointment in 2 days with my new Neurologist. He has tried suggesting all kinds of meds that treat ‘tension’ type headaches, and mine are not. I have explained that I have seen many Doctors and have tried everything and I have also done extensive research in hope of having a normal life. I think that I should know a little after 27 years of chronic pain.

    I really can’t afford a trip out of city or state to see a Headache clinic. I don’t travel very far for fear of suddenly getting a migraine on route. I used to take a pill with me, but now since they stopped working, I must be near my dark, quiet bedroom where I can stay for however long it takes to get moving again.