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Change in Migraine symptoms

  • By Harri

    Hello everybody! My name is Harriett. And i have been suffering with “menstrual migraines” since i was about 20yo. I am now 29 and my migraines have changed a lot with symptoms… before i used to describe them as feeling like Sid the Sloth, my eyes would feel like they are all googly and my head would feel weirs rather than painful. Last monday was my best friends wedding. An occasion i have been looking forward to for sooo long and my little boy (whos 2) was a page boy and i the bridesmaid. But migraine struck just after the ceremony and i couldnt stay any longer. I felt dizzy. Sick, photophobic, i couldnt eat and it pained me to leave the wedding but i just felt horrendous. Then last night i had just finished a 12hour shift in a new dept I only joined on monday! (i am a nurse) I managed to just last the shift but when i got home, straight to bed, dizziness, nausea and this time i did actually vomit. I am just really concerned as it seems my migraines are getting worse and more frequent. Do you thini i should go back to my neurologist?

    Thank you for listening. So lovely to have someone to talk to whos in the same boat


  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi Harri,

    Welcome to the discussion forum – we’re glad you’re here!

    I’m sorry to hear a migraine attack interrupted such a happy event. I understand how frustrating it is to miss important things in life due to migraine disease.

    Yes, I would contact your doctor. It’s important to let him/her know when we experience changes in our migraine pattern or experience new and/or different symptoms so they can rule out anything more serious.

    Let me know how you make out,