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Changing Migraines/Symptoms

  • By Kim

    Is it possible or has anyone had their migraine head pain change? I have been VERY fortunate in the past couple years to have had a SERIOUS reduction in the frequency of migraine head pain. But I still seem to get a lot of what I associate with the auras I would get. I get vertigo, blurry vision, sensitive to sound and light and smells. I get brain fog. I will sense a strong head pressure and KNOW there is a migraine-a-comin.Literally ALL the symptoms I would get prior and during a migraine. But often I never even take my Maxalt and it never progresses to the pain.
    This happens more often than not these days.
    I did have some really bad days the beginning of July where I had about 10 days on and off of all the above AND pain. That was weather/hormone/stress … you name it.
    Is this normal? Or does anyone else experience it?

    Not that I am complaining! I feel very blessed to have gone from being someone who had 7-12 painful and debilitating migraines a month to maybe one a month – if that – and even go months between the pain.

  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi Kim,

    Thank you for your question and being here with us!

    YES! Migraine attack patterns/symptoms/triggers can change over time, in fact it’s not uncommon at all. However having said that when we have changes in our symptoms and or migraine attack patterns it’s always a good idea to discuss them with the doctor.

    Fingers crossed for continued success!