Diagnosis of Migraine & Headache Types

daily headaches

  • By mheadacherelief

    Experiencing fifteen or more days with a headache per month.I consulted some of the best neurologist and also tried natural home remedies solution but not finding any type of improvement.Now I am can’t tolerate this headache it’ very painful.So, if some one having any knowledge about best neurologist please infer me.

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  • By katy

    I have daily headaches and have had them for about 15 years, so I completely understand your pain.

    What state are you located in? I have a wonderful neurologist that specializes in headaches/migraines, but I’m in Louisville, Kentucky.

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    • By Otter MacAilein

      I live near Louisville. While I’m pretty happy with my neurologist, I’m curious who you see that you are so happy with. (Funny if we see that same doc.) We’ve had no success in treating my constant headache, so I’m akways on the lookout for more help.


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  • By Lily

    Hi I’m new to this so I hope I do this right. I was wondering which side your heads is on ? I have Hemicrania continua which is a right sided inflammation based headache and it does not go away. The only treatment for it is indomethicin (sp) or Botox and or some great natural anti- inflammatory that I haven’t found yet. I’m sorry you are hurting so bad! I understand how hard it is to function with head pain everyday!I hope this helps! Lilybeez

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