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    I haven’t worked since 2010. I’ve had binder and binder helping me but just got a notice that the next appeal would be federal level and they aren’t doing that. I have to find a new lawyer and respond ASAP I don’t even know when the cut off is or…. I don’t know…. Start over? Any advice?

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    Hi rlc25e,

    Thank you for your question. I’m not sure what the lawyer meant, but I wonder if they meant the second appeal goes to an ALJ or administrative law judge? If you could get a consult from another lawyer, that may be the way to go.

    Let me share our information on SSDI with you;https://migraine.com/migraine-basics/social-security-disability-insurance-benefits/.

    Let me know how you make out,

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    Im at step seven. And my lawyer has now decided to stop so I guess I need new representatives.

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    Sounds like it rlc25e. Let us know how you make out.


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