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Ergotamine Infusion

  • By Susan L


    Gee, I so hope this isn’t covered somewhere here because I’ve searched & can’t find it. I just saw a Headache Specialist for the first time yesterday – in Miami. She spoke at the Migraine Summit. Wow, after that intake exam – not the actual exam, the interview, I have never experienced anything like that. I love my neurologist, & so do my many other specialists. But this is the first time I’ve felt so extremely cared about concerning my migraines. I cried after we left…rather, wept. I’ve had Chronic Daily Migraines for 4 years now, & they have been intractable for the last 12 months. My caring, very informed neurologist, told me I needed to see a Headache Specialist a week after I’d made the appointment. I had to wait 5 months to see her! Anyway, after an hour of amazing intake & option-discussion, I’ve decided to do the in-patient IV infusion therapy. My only concern is that she uses DHE. I hate ergotamine. I haven’t taken it in many years, but I expect to be climbing the walls for 5 days & nights. Yes, she promised they treat all the possible reactions, but there isn’t much info here about this IV treatment, so can any of you who know about – or if you’ve had it – shed some light on it for me? I also thought you might like a diary of my stay??? TIA BTW, I’m 72, (how did THAT happen?), & have had migraines since age 14

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