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Support Groups

Finding a support group

  • By Jeannie

    I live on Whidbey Island near Seattle. Does anyone know of a support group there or can anyone recommend a headache clinic?

  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi Jnelson,

    I’m not aware of any migraine support groups in that area, but you may want to look into This is a site that has all kinds of ‘meetups’ for different organizations, clubs and support groups. You can find that information in this link;

    When looking for an expert to treat migraine, it’s a good idea to look for the individual doctor rather than a big name clinic. Those clinics are wonderful, but may not have the expert you are looking for in migraine/headache. You can also find a board certified migraine/headache specialist at the United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties or UCNS here; We also have information on migraine/headache specialists in this link;

    Good luck, keep us posted on how you make out,


  • By donna

    Are there any groups in or near channahon il?

  • By Ann Wallace

    I’m looking for a support group in the Naples, Florida area.

  • By Patchwork

    Jnelson: I live in the Seattle area and I’m currently going to the Swedish Medical Center in Issaquah for the management of migraines, essential tremor, and restless leg syndrome. I’m seeing a nurse practitioner there who specializes in migraine treatment. Her name is Kate Kennedy. I’ve only had one appointment so far, which was the initial patient entry exam and it lasted for about 2 hours (very thorough).

    Since I only just started treatment there I cannot attest to the effectiveness of care, but she seemed quite knowledgeable and I was reassured by how much I felt that she actually cared about trying to help me get my migraines under control. I really felt like she listened to me and I felt very involved in the treatment process.

    I know Issaquah is quite a drive from Whidbey Island (I believe close to an hour and a half), but it might be worth it if you haven’t had much luck finding a doctor elsewhere. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any migraine support groups in the Seattle area either.

    EDIT: Also important to note, the Issaquah location has a special migraine treatment service to assist in prolonged migraines. Same day appointments are possible for this service, though I think you have to call prior to 8:30am. It’s designed to help when you’ve had a migraine for several days in a row. I can’t think of the name of the service off the top of my head as I am unfortunately currently in migraine mode.

    • By AuntMimi

      Hi Ann,

      Have you found a support group in the Naples area yet?

  • By evelyn1957

    looking for a support group in or close by poulsbo wa

  • By Heather

    I’m in Auburn and would love to find or start a group in the seattle/south seattle area, anyone interested in starting one with me?

    • By emi346

      Wow, lots of Seattleites on this forum, does anyone know if a group was started, I’m in Seattle and I’d love to find/start a group.

  • By joyeann

    Hi Jeannie:

    I live on Whidbey Island also. I was also looking for a support group, and a new neurologist also. I was treating with Sylvia Lucas at the UW, and she retired, then Dr. Lui at The Everett clinic and she went to Swedish, and I no longer want to drive to Seattle. If you find a new doctor, will you let me know? Or if you’d like to meet up on the island some time, let me know. I live in Clinton close to the ferry.

  • By Dana

    Looking to start a Support Group in the TriState Area.
    I live in Delaware (Northern, New Castle County) and I am looking for anyone interested in starting a group on a more personal level. We may know some of the same doctors, lawyers or treatments available in this area ( which from my own personal experience, aren’t many). Inbox me if you’re interested or reply here and I’ll inbox you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • By Dana

    You’re trying to sell me something??

    • By Joanna Bodner Keymaster

      Hey there @dana, That post has since been removed due to the promotional nature of it! Thanks for also noticing it! 🙂 Hope you had a good day. -Joanna ( Team)

  • By JeanJ

    Looking for a support group in The Inland Empire in Southern California.

  • By richardcooper

    does any one know of a support group in lower michigan

  • By guySeattle

    Hi there,

    For those of you on here from Seattle… I just posted something on Meetup that should go live tomorrow. Hoping to get a group going in some form where we can gather, share our experiences and insights, support one another, and hopefully find some form of healthy community together, whatever that might look like. Would love input from anyone who is interested. I made an email address to make things simpler if you want to communicate one on one.