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Living with Migraine

Had two day left with bad achy pain.

  • By Anonymous

    I had commented how I was at the ER Saturday evening. My ER doc gave me a steroid pack to keep the cycle of migraine from coming back. I’m on the last full pill of steroid and I keep getting bad headaches at the back of my head where the migraine was last weekend. I don’t know if there’s anything specifically I should do or say to a doctor before I run out of steroids and it’s the weekend again.
    I’m OK mostly during the day but when I lay down for bed that’s when the pain seems to start coming back. It feels like a baby migraine or whatever is still leftover. It woke me up last night at like 3am and I had to get up and take medicine. I have an appointment with my regular doctor next Tuesday to talk to him about trying preventatives again. My neurologist didn’t seem so concerned about putting me on Tramadol and trying anything else once I had told him I’ve tried soo many preventives and abortives with no relief. I haven’t had a migraine since May which is the longest I’ve ever gone in the summertime since I was 11. So I know food and alcohol aren’t triggers necessarily cause I’ve been drinking and eating anything and everything these past couple months.
    Any suggestions would be helpful. If I need to go see a different doctor before next week (my regular doctor is booked this week) I will. I just don’t know if they can do anything for me if this migraine comes back. I don’t want another weekend of ER hell. I need to do laundry..I’m running out of socks. 🙁

  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi Sharlene,

    I’m sorry you are still having a rough time, I can imagine you don’t want another unpleasant weekend. Steroids have a cumulative effect and you may not feel better for a bit yet. You may want to discuss another round of steroids with the doctor.

    As I mentioned before Tramadol will not stop a migraine attack, rather just mask the pain. It does sound like you may need to find a doctor who is more knowledgeable about migraine and headache disorders.

    Something else to keep in mind is that our triggers can change over time, which can be very frustrating. I never had a problem with raw onions until a few years ago. Now I can hardly chop them without triggering an attack. Keeping a detailed diary may be necessary to see if your triggers have changed.

    Please keep us posted,

  • By Anonymous

    Well I got woke up again at 2:30am with a bad headache. Got up and took ibuprofen but then it decided to turn into a migraine. It wasn’t the worst I’ve had. Maybe a five but that makes about three in less than a week when I haven’t had any in almost three months. I was late to work and will probably only get five hours today if I can stay the whole day. Made an appointment with just a regular doctor to see if they can at least do something to help me now. I’m getting depressed and stressed which is very counter productive.