Complementary Alternatives Therapies

Head Massager

  • By Tammy Rome

    Hello ActionCat!

    I use the Homedics Mini Massager…or at least I did until I accidentally dropped it and broke the latch to the battery case. 🙂 I need to pick up another one soon. I found it at WalMart, but I’ve seen them at a lot of pharmacies, big box stores, etc. It was about $6 and takes two AA batteries. It does use up batteries quickly. Each attack typically uses one set of batteries.

    The dirty little secret is that I’ve found vibrators to be more effective. I have a couple that are used exclusively for attacks. Obviously I only use them at home because I would get a lot of strange looks in public!

    So now you know. Check out Adam & Eve, too.


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  • By chiaragtl

    Never tried. But when I went to the neurologist he put some kind of vibrating thing oh my head (no idea of what it was, because he asked me to keep my eyes closed!) and it was really soothing. I only had a mild tension headache at the time but I suspect that it would be nice for any kind
    It’s funny but sometimes I use my eletrical toothbrush.
    This conversation is starting to sound a bit dirty…err….I mean for pain relief.

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  • By Kitty

    Thanks everyone for the replies! I did buy the “Breo iDream1168 Head and Neck Massager” from Amazon to try out. It was pretty loud and some of the settings didn’t feel very nice. Once I found the right setting, it was nice, but certainly not worth the price. :\

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  • By Tammy Rome

    The Migracap is awesome. I keep saying I’m going to get one and keep putting it of. They have great reviews. I’ve not heard of anyone who is disappointed with it.

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