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Diagnosis of Migraine & Headache Types

Headache – middle area of eyes – Glasses ?

  • By Nick.Dhanjal

    Hello All:

    I have big hopes to get some help from this site and everyone who can relate and understand my problem:

    About me:
    35 year old Healthy Male, no medical conditions.
    My eye sight is not bad and can see without glasses too. Its about -0.5 / 0.75

    This problem is going on for about 3- 4 years but has grown for past 2 years.


    Wearing glasses triggers headache between eyes. This starts with sort of weird sensations like someone is pointing Pencil close to middle of eyes and the kind of sensation / stress it produces. Its hard to explain. It slowly keeps increasing and head ache increases.

    This happens while looking at the screen or not looking at the screen at all.
    Removing glasses takes the head ache away slowly but blurry vision and I do need to wear them back as screen is blurry and I cant read or see the screen. This is an endless loop.

    Eyes get very sensitive between the eye area while wearing any glasses.

    I have tried removing the glasses and it helps.

    These are best quality glasses with wide bridge and very light and the last optometrist could find the best possible glasses for me. These are light and bridge size is wide to make sure its not an issue.

    I had the same issues with my last glases and this time again.

    What Helps:

    Taking glasses out and closing my eyes for few minutes and may be massaging the area between my eyes. Or do some meditation without glasses.

    But when glases are put back again to read or see clearly problem comes back within 2 MINUTES.

    Issue is NOT related to :

    Glasses / Frame or bridge size. I have spent a lot of money trying to find the best glasses in the world from optometrists.

    Its not stress as I know I have great life other than this issue. The problem happens even when I am on vacations !!

    Not related to my health as I have gone to physicans and did all sort of tests.
    I take all kind of multivitamins daily to stay healthy.

    No allergies.

    How its affecting my life:

    Cannot work like this. I need my glasses to see properly and when I wear them I can see clearly but this headaches starts between the middle of my eyes. This keeps growing to a point I cannot work and its all headache. My job is really demanding and I need to be on my toes all the time and in front of computer. Its my family only bread and butter.

    Please help or advice !!!

    Your community member.

  • By Nick.Dhanjal

    Just to add one more point to my above condition, I have been to a eye doctor and he analyzed my eyes and xrays etc and everything comes out normal !! Its been 3 – 4 years and doctors find this normal which is unbelievable.

  • By CatholicCarry

    Sorry you’re having so much trouble.

    I don’t really know if I can be of any help to you, but I thought I’d give you my 2 cents.

    Is it possible that your glasses create glare and that glare is causing eye strain? even though you bought the best glasses, you could be having a change of sensitivity to glare and/or eye strain. Some people swear by various colored lenses anti-glare/polarized glasses. I’ve noticed that when I wear a particular pair of my glasses I can see more of a reflection of my eye area in the lens. After a while that constant extra work of looking through the reflection instead of just through the lenses makes me eyes tired and creates a headache between my eyes. I don’t have to wear glasses for reading, so when I notice it, I just take the glasses off and/or switch to my other pair that doesn’t do the same thing.

    Online you might look at th Irlen Institute. They’ve done a lot of research on visual stimuli and how your brain works. Their website has several self-quizzes and also lets you tint the background of their page various colors until your eyes like it. I don’t know if just changing the color of the background of your screen will help or not.

    I hope maybe this will give you something to look into to fix your problem.

  • By lightweaver

    I have started to have Occular headaches which sound like what you .

  • By plculver

    I am a professional optician. My advice would be to find an ABO certified optician in your area (you can search this on and ask them to double check the measurements. You can have the best Rx in the world, but if the measurements are off, it’s useless. Make sure that the lenses were made with your intermediate PD.

    Second, try a different lens material. If your current lenses are polycarbonate, try going to CR-39, or high index. A surprising number of people are sensitive to poly.

    Third, try a different lens style. You didn’t specify what type of lenses you’re in, ie. single vision, bifocal, etc. Most people working on a computer benefit from some type of a multifocal lens, although a progressive can be somewhat challenging, as your eyes are constantly working to keep everything aligned and in focus, even though you’re not aware of it. Shamir makes a terrific office lens. It gives you clear vision for your intermediate and near ranges, which is what most people in a work setting require.

    Lastly, as someone else suggested, various lens tints can be beneficial. The most common one used for migraines is called FL-41, or “flux”. It’s a rusty-rose color. It’s supposed to filter out the most common wavelengths of light that seem to trigger migraines.

    Hope this helps you.