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Hello All 1st post here much loves xx

  • By Lisa Robin Benson Moderator

    Hi Libra78,

    Thank you for sharing what works for you. Of course, with migraines, what works for one person does not always work for someone else. As we know, migraines are genetic and neurological and have been around long before electronics, economics, and artificial lighting (though these factors of course can be triggers or contributing factors to migraines for some people). For instance, we have recordings of ancient Egyptians having migraines:

    Here is a link on migraine causes:

    Also here is a link on basic facts of migraine:

    It’s great to hear another patient perspective, but I would encourage anyone with migraines considering anything you mention to talk to their doctor or alternative health practitioner about any of these options. We have some good resources here about alternative treatments.

    Thank you and be well,
    Lisa Benson