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Natural Remedies

Help for Nausea

  • By mmjardel

    My acupuncturist told me the worst thing to drink when you are nauseous is room temperature water. He said our intake needs to be either hot or cold, not room temperature. Whatever we put in our bodies shouldn’t be completely neutral either, like plain water. Add some juice or make a weak tea. Cold is better for me than hot. So My solution has been to keep mocha cappuccino popsicles in the freezer. I make small ones by mixing hot chocolate, made with either water or milk, with instant coffee dissolved in it. I then pour it into ice cube trays. When a migraine hits they are comforting, the cafe e helps and it really does take the edge off the nausea.

  • By Ellen Schnakenberg

    mmjardel – That’s really interesting – typically eastern medicine tells patients to try to keep things room temp – not too hot, not too cold. I suppose it doesn’t really matter for me, as anything in a nauseous stomach usually comes back up… if it’s bad enough.

    I am wondering about your instant coffee and instant hot chocolate. Those often are full of Migraine trigger foods for those with food triggers. Have you tried using non-processed ingredients to see if that might be even more helpful for you?

    Here are some additional ideas on nausea: