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how on earth do i start a new thread?

  • By 1pndk8c

    New to forums had migraines as a child getting worse progressively ( now mid 40’s female. would like to start a thread addressing stroke and how far can you go in treating it (migraine). Sorry that wasn’t very clear I had a stroke attributed to migraine in my late twenties. Now they’re getting so bad Im considering greater lengths to get rid. would like advice. Living In Ireland slow ineffective treatment. literally banging head on wall sometimes. I’m sure some of you would relate to that. really could do with some advice. Thanks.

  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi 1pndk8c,

    Thank you so much for sharing your difficult story with us. You just started such a thread!

    I’ve not had a stroke, but do know a few people with migraine who have had one, I’m sorry to say. I’m sorry you are not happy with your treatment in Ireland. Have you been to The Migraine Association of Ireland; This site may have suggestions for treatments where you live.

    Good luck and let us know how you make out,