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50 Years & Older Living With Migraine

I suffer from Aura and Hemiplegic migraine…

  • By AuraHemiplegicMigraine

    It started when I was seven years old with an aura attack. I didn’t know at the time what is was but, I remember as a Child,i saw this zigsag line, floating in front of my vision and it grow bigger all the time.
    Then I became very ill, womiting and had bad headache, when laying in my bed.
    Now i am nearly 60 years old and have several aura attacks per month!
    I also have hemiplegic migraine and the attacks come nearly every half year!
    I take medication Verapamil 40mg and it seems to have some improvment, thow the hemiplegic attacks are not so strong but, I know, the attacks my come strong again and one day it will become a stroke.
    I did a migraine app calledAura Migraine on google play to show the World of my living hell.

    I must tell you this:
    My aura attacks last at least 35 minutes every time i got it and i really hate it.
    I didnt find i way to shorten the aura but, once i was at my mother in law’s home and get an aura attack.
    I was Walking around in her livingroom,talking with a friend,
    I told him,shit i have an aura attack.
    After ten minutes, the aura had growed in to a middle aura.
    I was talking to my friend and walked in to a ceiling lamp,with a hard dot, hurting myself in the head and,The aura dissapperad!!!
    Strange as hell!!
    For the first time in my Life, I breaked the aura attack in ten minutes!!!
    Well,I can’t knock myself in my head when I got new auras, for sure.
    but what happened!!
    Best regards

  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi Bob,

    Oh boy! That’s some way to get rid of aura :). Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you!