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Insensitive coworkers

  • By easterli

    I just participated in a meeting by telephone. I work from home now because of scent triggers. At the beginning of the meeting, someone made a comment about the blue lights where I used to sit being there because ‘some people’ have migraines. Someone else – I don’t know who – in the meeting said, “Take a Tylenol, that will take care of it. It’s not a big deal.”

    I am very disappointed – but not surprised – that one of my team members would make a comment that makes light of it. I expected more from people who are employed in healthcare. That aside, ignorance is not an excuse for lack of compassion. It is because of lack of empathy/consideration/compassion that I am working from home.

    Should I say something to my supervisor about this? What would you say?

  • By GardensatNight

    I would. I would document the date and what happened and then say something to your supervisor and document that, too. I had a lot of problems with my coworkers not wanting me to have any accommodations (they thought I should just suck it up) and they eventually complained enough and had me transferred. These were people I’d been friends with for 15 years. People can really suck.