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Complementary Alternatives Therapies


  • By Anonymous

    I’ve recently heard that Juicing has had good results for migraine sufferers…
    Has anyone heard about juicing or tried it out?

  • By Tammy Rome

    Juicing is great for overall health. It’s an excellent part of a healthy lifestyle. I juice and would highly recommend it to anyone. It’s a great way to get the nutrition of fruits and vegetables. However, juicing has not stopped me from getting migraines. Plus, I am not aware of any studies that specifically address its benefits for migraine. It is good for migraineurs just like eating wholesome foods is good for migraineurs. There’s nothing special about juicing. It’s just another way to get good nutrition and it’s delicious, too.

  • By RachelRoo

    I’ve read that beet juice in particular can be helpful, something about its effects on the blood. I have a juicer but have never made my own beet juice, it seems like a particularly daunting and messy project. I’ve tried some of the beet juice they sell at Trader Joe’s though, and while it tastes yummy (and also has ginger, another herb that is supposedly helpful for many migraine sufferers, at 4.99 for a 1 serving bottle I am not sure I can afford to consume enough to make a difference (I assume it is more than one or two glasses a week!)

    If someone has a beet juice recipe or strategy that doesn’t turn their hands and/or kitchen bright red, share it! Is anything else supposed to help headaches especially? I know its not a magic cure, but neither is magnesium or B-2 and many of us do those too. Whatever could help and doesn’t hurt, right?

  • By Lisa Robin Benson Moderator

    I haven’t read of any studies supporting juicing as being helpful to migraines, but here is my own personal philosophy on why certain diet changes may help us:

    It’s possible someone who starts juicing would replace an unhealthy habit such as drinking soda. Perhaps the sugar or artificial sweeteners is a trigger for that person and now that’s one less trigger a day. Or maybe that person wasn’t getting a certain vitamin (like RachelRoo mentions) and the food contains what they needed. I would encourage you to try it to see if it helps your overall health but maybe before you spend hundreds on the juicer, buy a fresh-sqeezed juice daily for a short period of time and see.


    PS: I love juice and want to have a juicer some day. RachelRoo unfortunately I can’t answer your beet question!