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Triggers and Causes

Lactose Intolerance?

  • By Ronan

    I skipped dairy for two weeks with hardly any sign of migraine. I bought cream for my coffee today and I am starting to get a migraine. I didn’t think dairy was a trigger for me. Does anyone else in the community have the same trigger? I’m feeling a bit bummed out about it because I LOVE dairy.



  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    HI Ronan,

    Good to hear you’ve seen a decrease in migraine frequency. But, UGH!! I love dairy too. I am slowly switching milk to almond milk, which I like! I’ve for the most part cut out gluten, but haven’t even thought about dairy. Not do I want too!!

    Keep us posted!

  • By Majikjoyce

    I just read an article about almond milk and all the sweeteners in it. Be careful.

  • By sulfite-free

    What worked for my husband was eliminating dairy and sulfites. No more migraines, and no more seasonal allergies as a bonus!