Diagnosis of Migraine & Headache Types

Migraine with Aura

  • By K5th

    I read somewhere that when I get my aura that it is the 2nd stage of my migraine and not the first as I thought? Where can I learn more about the stages of migraine with aura and what recent research says about this?

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    • By Yvonne

      I get migraines with aura and just in the last week or so I have a migraine after, this is new and I’m getting ready to go to England with my grand daughter and am terrified they are going to ruin my trip, they went away for 3 years then came back a month ago I can’t figure out why except for being massively stressed, any suggestions?

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    • By Gabriella Szantai

      I am sure it must be the stress. I have already read a lot and tried many things and I realised that different remedies ( vitamins, minerals, etc ) and methods ( relaxation, meditation )can only help if we are not under great stress. This is a personal experience. Please believe me, we should treat the stress because it always causes aura. I would warmly recommend magnesium effervescent tablets.

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    • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

      Hi Englishgardener,

      It’s not uncommon for our migraine patterns to change over time, but it’s always a good idea to discuss these changes with our doctor. Take a look at what a migraine/headache specialist has to say on this topic;

      Stress can play a role in our attacks, but it may be the things we do or don’t do during stressful periods that actually triggers a migraine. Let me share information on this with you;

      I hope this helps,

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  • By chelle693700

    New to the forum. Looking for help with ‘complicated migraines’ (aka with aura). Suffering with them since Sept 2010. 37 yrs old. Suddenly developed these wonderful things without warning. More ER visits than I can count. Dilaudid is the only thing that works, but would rather be able to function and work. Acupuncture worked great, but may be starting to not. Allergies: Aspirin, Codeine, Percocet (and anything ending in ‘cet’), Naproxen. Depakote doesn’t do a thing. Help! – Michelle

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  • By jdinrochester

    Hi there- I’m so sorry that you are having these migraines. You didn’t mention how often they occur and another thought I had was; if Dilaudid works, then why would you not be able to function and work? Really not being rude its just that those drugs worked for me but my problem was I couldn’t get enough of them to make it through a month of working. Do you know what I mean? I’d be good for as long as I had the drug then run out of the drug and try every other migraine drug and they’d half work maybe and I would just scrape thru enough time to the next sick day or vacation day (ours were earned monthly) and I’d have the massive migraine of the month where my feet wanted to go, but my head insisted I not!! I’m just curious. jackie

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  • By matthewstringham

    I haven’t had a Migraine for almost 7 years, they start with a small blur.
    As if when you’re reading it would be a letter disappearing, then a word and then a paragraph.
    About twenty minutes after this comes the extreme pain, numbness in the hands and face.
    Today I had my first and worst Migraine since 2005 and not only did all of the following occur… but i had Slurred speech, as if my mouth were asleep or my mouth wasn’t processing what my brain was commuting. I had a CT and nothing was found. Probably my worst yet.

    1.) is this Aura?
    2.) is it common to go up to 7 years until another attack and could this mean more to come? Sadly i thought i was cured.
    3.) can slurred speech be a normal symptom. (slurred speech was what led to the E.R. visit.)

    ( I had just finished a hard workout when it started, and im 24 yrs old.) – case this helps…

    Thanks –

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  • By Teri Robert

    Hi, Matthew,

    What you’re describing with your speech is called aphasia, and it can be a Migraine aura symptom. This article on the possible phases of a Migraine attack and their potential symptoms should be helpful to you –

    It’s not common to go so long without a Migraine, then have one, but it does happen.

    It’s possible that the exertion of your workout was the trigger for the Migraine. Have you had other times after a workout when you had any symptoms or what you thought was a headache? Most people who have Migraine with aura also have Migraine without aura. It’s actually unusual to have an aura with every Migraine.

    Did your doctor order the CT, or did you go to the ER? If it was through the ER, be sure to follow up with your own doctor.


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  • By matthewstringham

    Thank you Teri,

    Yes, i have been out of state for school and Ive never had an attack that bad where speech was involved with the migraine, i had a friend with me who was a medic and thought i was having a stroke due to the jibberish. So we went to the ER. I have to say the doctor could have cared a little more.
    Like i said previously, its been 7 years since my last episode but they have always been aura.
    I know when a Migraine is coming on because my vision starts to blur
    Then the Pain,
    Then the numbness/tingling. and in this last one the aphasia’ or speech issues during the numbing.


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  • By Teri Robert

    You’re welcome, Matthew. Hopefully, Migraines like this one won’t be very common for you. It was bound to have been really frightening. I’m glad someone was with you. Just thinking – is it possible that you became dehydrated during your workout? Dehydration can trigger a Migraine too, so be sure to hydrate well before working out. Remember that caffeine and alcohol can be dehydrating, so it would be best to avoid them before a workout.


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  • By Anonymous

    I was diagnosed as having migraines with aura two years ago. My scariest episode with one occurred when I was at work. I was walking down a hallway and was having trouble seeing. I had a migraine headache with lots of nausea the entire day. I blinked my eyes, and it started getting worse. When I looked around at my coworkers, I could not see their faces. It was blurred and looked like I all of a sudden had glaucoma. The blur then started to flicker. I immediately told my supervisor, and he called the company nurse. I was very scared because I could see at all, and she told me that the best thing for me to do was to go to the ER since I hadn’t experienced it that bad before. It took about an hour for it to go away. I was relieved to find out after the tests it was only an aura. I have auras with my migraines almost always. I have one now. If anyone has any advise on what to do to make them less intense, please let me know.

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  • By Gabriella Szantai

    Hello, I am new to the forum. I am glad to have found it, though, since in my home country I couldn’t find one. I have aura migraine (mostly) without headache. I’m 45 and having these headache for 5-6 years, just 3-4 times a year. This year they have intensified and occur 4-5 times a week, lately. I have hurried to eye doctor and that part was ok, now I’m waiting for MR. I am frightened and don’t know how I can stop these 20 minute-long flashes. Have just started taking magnesium and fish-oil capsules along with folic acid pills. I read sex would help so I have improved that part of my life as well. I’m writing a diary about the occurances, too. Still I’m worried all day long and wait for the flashes happen – it is even hard to go out to the street. Is there a remedy ? (If you can reply in French, that would help…)Thank you your help in advance:

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  • By Kerrie Smyres Moderator


    Aura without headache is generally treated with migraine prevention medications. You’re best bet is to see a headache specialist who understands migraine. This would typically be a neurologist, but not always, and not all neurologists are educated in migraine.

    There’s a French migraine organization ( that might have links to specialists or you can email them to ask for recommendations. That’s my best guess for finding a specialist in France.

    I hope that is helpful.


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