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General Discussions

Migraines and Exercise

  • By wtchgrl

    I’m wondering how everyone deals with exercise? I mostly wake up with my migraines, but they can come on later in the day if I’ve had a particularly stressful day. When I have a morning migraine, after I take my Imitrex, I’m usually at about 85% by late afternoon. Don’t feel great, but feel okay. Anyway, I love to walk, run, hike, belly dance, and Zumba. I also do a minimal amount of weights, push-ups, etc. I enjoy Tai-chi, but it’s not my go-to. Because I usually wake up with a headache, I can’t exercise in the morning, though that would be my preferred time. So I usually do it in the late afternoon or early evening. I find that if I exercise regularly, I do very well, but if I let it go for any amount of time over a week, my body not only punishes me with the regular sore muscles, but it will trigger a migraine the next day. There are some days when I can’t do anything, but if I can, even when I’m in pain, I try to at least go for a short walk. For those of you who do some kind of workout, doesn’t matter what, how do you work it around your migraines, work life, and other responsibilities?