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Living with Migraine

Migraines from Sleeping on Loft Bed

  • By nada

    I recently lofted my bed (think top bunk bed type of situation) and have consistently been waking up with sinus and neck pain and migraine. My mattress and bedding are the same as I’d been using previously and I’m in the same apartment. My A/C has still been running because it’s still warm here. The only change has been the elevation. Could it be the air quality is different? I was thinking of installing a small fan next to my bed. What’s perplexing is that about 4-5 years ago I slept in a lofted bed (for a couple of years) and I chronically woke up with migraine, too. Coincidence? Or can anyone share insight? A google search hasn’t revealed anything.
    Thank you!

  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi Erika Byrnison,

    Thank you for much for your question and being part of our discussion forum – we’re happy you are here!

    Interesting question. How about your sleep schedule? Are you going to bed and waking each morning at the same time? People with migraine need to keep a consistent sleep schedule. An irregular sleep schedule can be a strong migraine trigger for some of us.

    It certainly could be the difference in the air quality – I don’t rule out anything as far as migraine triggers go. Bedrooms that are too hot or too cold can also cause sleep issues which in turn may trigger a migraine attack.

    Can you go back to where you were sleeping before? I think that would give you a pretty good idea if it’s the elevation/air quality pretty quickly.

    Please let me know how you make out,