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Migraines on certain days and MRI & CT scans

  • By Erika

    For some reason, I tend to be getting migraines on Fridays and Saturdays more than any other days. Does anyone know why would that be ?
    And also, has anyone had an MRI or CT scan done before because of their migraines? As far as I know it’s quite hard to get a referral to get a scan because they don’t consider migraines to be a serious enough reason…

  • By Katie M. Golden Moderator

    An MRI or CT scan will not show whether or not you have Migraines. Although some researchers are trying to find biomarkers in the brain that will classify Migraines, these tests currently do not prove a Migraine diagnosis. However, MRI scans are used to rule out any other type of neurological issue that could be causing your Migraines. It doesn’t hurt to ask your doctor so that you can have peace of mind.

    As far as getting Migraines are certain days of the week, you are not alone. Some refer to them as Weekend Migraines. Getting Migraines on the weekend could be caused by the change in your daily routine. If you sleep longer on the weekend than you do during the work week that can have an impact on your Migraines. Or if you drink alcohol on the weekend or really just do anything outside of your norm. Take a look at your patterns to see if there is anything you can adjust that might help you stay on a more regular schedule (I struggle with this too!).

    -Katie Moderator