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Newbie-wanted to ask about hommade benzocaine/lidocaine blocks

  • By gmbrooks

    Hi, I read an article a long time ago about how some drs were trying out lidocaine on a q-tip or sprayed in the nose for treatment of the “ice pick” migraine. I was desperate one day and tried it- I went and go orajel and put my q-tip in the bottle then put it up my nose….pretty far. I actually numbed that nerve! It was amazing. I talked to my dr about it and he was supportive , but couldnt really prescribe for it.
    I have recently seen the SPG blocks and tried them for about 6 months.
    I do not get any more relief with that than my q-tip method!
    Anyone tried this? I am not suggesting you do it- it is dangerous to stick a q-tip anywhere! but….has anyone tried this technique and the SPG? What do you think?

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  • By Meaghan Coneys Moderator

    Hi Gmbrooks,

    Thanks for your post! And thank you for sharing your qtip method with us. We love hearing about new tips and tricks that work to alleviate migraine symptoms. Happy to hear your doctor gave it the ok, as it seems that a doctor should approve this method to ensure safety and appropriate application. I do hope other community members respond with their insight and possible use of similar methods. Again, thank you so much for sharing. We appreciate you as a community member! Hope you have a lovely day.


    Meaghan ( Team)

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  • By texaseve

    I have not tried this one at the doctor’s office yet, however plan to. The que tip trick looks good if it works and you are brave enough to stick a que tip up your nose. 🙂

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  • By Chica

    I am having lidocaine injections in the base of my skull on Friday. Have to admit I am a little nervous. Anyone had this?

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  • By Dana

    Not for ice pik headaches, which is what I’m guessing you mean when you say eye heaches. I get full licodocaine nerve blocks. Botox failed for me, so I think it’s weird that this works, but I also have to have it done once a week (at a headache specialists office) a neurologist may do this too, I’m not sure. I get 3 above each eye brow three at the area around my ear (both sides) and 6 at the base of my skull. With that many it does become painful. But I have not had an ice pick head ache since I started. They are perfect, they so where off ( which is why you go every week) but they have not come but at the severity level AT ALL! As they continue to “break up” my doctor has up a preventative med and I went from being in bed from day to weeks to actually showering and functioning. Not every thing works for everyone, but I am a believer and would suggest giving in a try and a fair try. We all know nothing works the first time, although I did get significant relief the first time. Good luck! Let me know how it goes!

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  • By Dana

    So let me clarify, because when I read it even I was confused. Yes they work. The headache you describe would just be done in another part of the head/face.

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