Diagnosis of Migraine & Headache Types

Ocular migraine or not?

  • By ruthie898

    Recently I had an eye test… my optician said I have something called narrow angles… she is referring me to an eye doctor.. for the past year I have been having visual disturbances… I probably had 3 episodes of these in a year… I read up on it and understood I was suffering from ocular migraine.. no headache just zigzagging and flashing. It affected both eyes. More recently tho I have suffered these attacks at least once but maybe 3 times a week. Again no headache, maybe s very dull one but nothing too painful. I’m still waiting for my appointment to see the eye doctor. Tonight I have an attack, but it’s only in my left eye…. zigzagging and flashing again but no pain… My question is , do I need to go back to the optician or my G.P..? Any advice is welcome., it still hasn’t subsided and usually it goes after about 20 minutes

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  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    HI ruthie898,

    Thank you for your question. When we have new and/or different symptoms it is always a good idea to discuss them with the doctor so if it were me, I’d contact my GP so he can rule out anything more serious.

    Ocular migraine is more of a descriptive term, not an actual diagnosis. Migraine with aura has some of the same symptoms you mentioned and it’s possible to have a migraine attack without any or much head pain. You can read more about migraine with aura here; and

    Let me know how you make out and I hope you are feeling better soon,


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