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  • By lindaann

    I am wondering if any you feel a sense of shame about your migraine. I needed to see my doctor again because i wasn’t doing well and I could not even make the call. I made my husband do it. I felt too ashamed. Like a failure. I feel like the docs all looks at us like, here they come again, those patients we can’t help. I think it prevents me from getting help because I somehow blame myself for my migraines, it must be something I am doing. I recently read a post by a psychologist who said that people with migraines tend to hold in their anger and need to learn to let it out. I thought, there we go, still blaming the patient, they have migraines because they are angry, darn right I am angry, you would be too!

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  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi lindaann,

    Thank you for your thoughtful question.You’re not alone! I’ve been discussing shame with my fellow advocates. We shouldn’t feel it, but many of us do, including myself. I have to work on turning off (or redirecting) the little voice in my head that tell me to tough it out, work through it and so on.

    You may be interested in some of these articles on guilt/shame and migraine disease; and,

    I find being part of a supportive community and having a good support network is very important in dealing with any chronic illness. I’m glad you reached out and hope this helps!

    Please keep me posted!

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