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General Discussions

Sleeping Position & Pillows

  • By owieithurts

    Is there a preferred sleeping position to try to prevent migraines or lessen muscle tension/pressure on head/neck? Any research? Any personal insights? I usually sleep on my side…
    What about pillows? Soft? Firm?

  • By Anonymous

    I’ve been to a physical therapist for problems with my neck and shoulder muscles being tight which he said are the same muscles that go up the back of your head. In theory if you are stressed and tense it could give you a headache/migraine. He recommended that I sleep with a rolled up towel lengthwise inside my pillow case. This way there is a soft bump of support that fits right in the nook of your neck for support.

    He also recommended stretches before and after I wake up before I actually got out of bed. I kept getting migraines as soon as I’d get out of bed so I’m thinking I do not sleep very good. Also, I got a fancy foam pillow with a cool gel pad inside it at big lots for $25. I usually put another pillow under it but the way your head and neck sink into it is very relaxing and supportive. Hope this is helpful. 🙂