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Living with Migraine

Summertime Migraines.

  • By Anonymous

    My migraines get so bad in the summertime. I had some at the end of summer and then one in December last year and nothing since. It’s been wonderful but I know as soon as it starts to get warmer out I’m going to start getting them again. I got allergy tests and I am allergic to basically everything.

    I can’t get the years of allergy shots cause I can’t afford to go get one shot a week for 3-4 years. If anyone else has figured this pattern out with their migraines and may have found something helpful please let me know. Thank you.

  • By Katie M. Golden Moderator

    It’s good that you are aware of how the weather affects your Migraine attacks. About 75% of Migraineurs say that the weather affects their headaches. Sadly it is very hard to control the weather and the allergies that come with it. The article below describes a few different medications and treatments you can try when you know the weather is changing. There might be something in there that helps you instead of needing weekly allergy tests.

    Best wishes!
    -Katie Moderator