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Living with Migraine

Three Good Things

  • By Kerrie Smyres Moderator

    Making note of three good things that happen each day is one of the best tools I use to help me cope when migraine wears me down. It may sound like a small or silly thing, but it has kept me going on days when I felt like there was nothing good in my life. Please join us by replying to share *your* three good things each day this month (or as often as you’re able).

  • By Kerrie Smyres Moderator

    My three good things for Nov. 1 (it’s still the 1st in my time zone!):
    -I had enough energy to clean the kitchen
    -My husband and I made dinner together
    -We played two games after dinner

  • By BendBecca

    I came to the forum tonight after a particular wearisome day, looking for tips on what to do when I’ve just had enough, when I feel like giving up and life seems so gloomy and I came across this. Thank you :-).
    My three good things for Nov. 1 are:
    -My not usually affectionate cat came over to me while I was laying in bed and curled up in my arm to snuggle.
    -I was able to snuggle with my daughter and watch part of the Amazing Race on the laptop tonight. I love one on one quality time with my little girl!
    -I was able to get a few minutes of exercise in today.

  • By Tammy Rome

    My 3 good things for Nov. 2nd

    1. My neurologist agreed that it’s time for Botox. Yay!
    2. My husband and I finally carved out some time for ourselves this weekend.
    3. I got to see a Migraine buddy and meet her baby boy this week.

  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Three good things for Sunday, November 2, 2014

    Having tea with a dear friend today
    Being able to put my car in the garage
    I cleaned my bathroom!!

  • By The Migraine Girl Moderator

    I am so glad you started this thread, Kerrie, because I was remembering how much I loved keeping a gratitude journal back in the day and figured November would be the perfect month to start something similar (if even just for a few days!).

    Three good things for Nov. 1st:
    -To my utter surprise, I felt GREAT today, physically speaking.
    -Jim and I spent a lot of good time together, tidying up our leaf-strewn backyard and laughing a lot.
    -One of my dearest friends lives across the street, and I was able to hang out with her on Halloween and then spend the first ten minutes of Nov. 1st being silly and laughing while eating fast food (oops!) in her driveway before going to bed.

    Three good things for Nov. 2nd:
    -I had been worried that my cat was not feeling good (and, due to past trauma, having a sick cat is very upsetting to me)–turns out he is a-okay and doing fine.
    -JIm and I attended a memorial service for a casual friend of ours who died suddenly, and though I am so sad about Greg’s passing, I looked around that room and thought about how grateful I was that so many people had him in our lives. He was a great guy, and I’m grateful to have known him.
    -I got a message from a friend I’ve been missing.

  • By Debs

    Having really bad day today but my 3things today are
    1, I got out bed, may have been 6pm but still counts lol
    2, I managed to eat something slightly more substantial than toast.
    3, my dad called to ask how I was.

    Hopefully tomorrow is better day.

  • By Maureen

    1. I was asked to share three good things that happened today, and I feel better just trying to think of good things to report:)
    2. A lady gave me a present (lemon cookies in a plaid tin) that was a “just because I was thinking of you” gift. How fun!
    3. I planned ahead and brought food with me to church, which I snuck out and ate between the song service and the preaching, so I did not get my very frequent, “hungry” migraine.

    Yes. I am definitely thankful today and feeling good!

  • By Lisa Robin Benson Moderator

    Thank you Kerrie for starting this!
    Nov 2:
    1–I was able to be home in my warm apartment all weekend to rest and catch up on life
    2–I enjoyed a wonderful restorative yoga class
    3–I heard one of my favorite radio programs today

  • By BendBecca

    1. I didn’t need the wheelchair at church today.
    2. I was able to attend our small group potluck after church and meet some great people.
    3. My mom called and said some really encouraging things to me.

  • By Kerrie Smyres Moderator

    Nov. 2
    1. People responded to this thread even before the post went up explaining it.
    2. I made it to my mother-in-law’s birthday brunch and felt great
    3. It was surprising when a severe migraine symptom hit today because my symptoms have rarely been that extreme in the last year.

  • By Writermom

    Kerrie, I stumbled upon this while looking for something else. But, I’m very happy you started this. Maybe it will help improve my outlook. Besides the daily chronic migraines, I have several other health problems that need daily, constant attention. I often wonder why God is allowing all this. That’s all I’m going to say about that.
    Nov. 1 3 things: 1. I was able to finish up on some recent mail that needed attention.
    2. I was able to go outside and water some of our plants.
    3. My husband came through his back procedure well and is recovering well.
    Nov. 2 3 things: 1. I was able to have lunch at Costco and walk around there.
    2. I found some mats for the kitchen at Costco.
    3. I had 2 very excellent naps today.

  • By Merri

    After a VERY busy Sunday, working alone, I am happy to say I did not barf on any customers.

    Coming home to a beautiful, funny, and determined 16 year old Border Collie, and a snuggly, gigantic 2 year old Rottweiler/Shepherd.

    Waking up at 4 a.m. with considerably less pain and nausea. Yay!

  • By AnnieD

    First time here on this web site. I like this post. The power of positive thinking is a very powerful thing indeed.

    I will start with November 2nd,

    1. I just had what I call a normal headache no aura no nausea.
    2 Was able to go grocery shopping and even got a little Christmas shopping done.
    3. Was able to walk the dog twice.

  • By Beth

    Just read about this message on Facebook. After a awful night, my 3 for Nov. 3 are

    1 I’m grateful to be up and moving with only a slight headache
    2 I’m grateful for my husband coming home from work and giving me a kiss and asking if I was better
    3 I’m grateful that my daughter and her family are moving back home today

  • By Tammy Rome

    My 3 good things for Nov. 3

    1. Amerge worked quickly today so I won’t lose this day to migraine
    2. My daughter is taking the first half of her state cosemetology board exam today
    3. My son was able to go to school migraine-free for the first Monday in weeks.

  • By Debs

    My 3things for today.

    1, managed to get out of bed as feel a lot better than yesterday.
    2, had a shower and washed my hair.
    3, managed to light the coal fire and now snuggled on couch.

  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    My 3 things for today –

    1. Waking up to sunshine

    2. Enjoying my 3 beautiful purple African violets in bloom

    3. Very happy that my children are healthy and happy.

  • By Majikjoyce

    My 3 Things for today,

    1. I kissed my daughter see you later on her way to school.

    2. colored my hair

    3. read positive affirmation

    This is such a great idea.

  • By Maureen

    1. When someone asked me how I was feeling this morning, because I had my sunglasses on inside, I was able to tell them that I felt fine and was just on my way back outside.
    2. I read some lovely pieces of writing that my students did.
    3. homemade pumpkin scones… yum

  • By The Migraine Girl Moderator

    My 3 good things for Nov. 3:
    1. I went for a walk with my mom, and then after I dropped her off my dad walked me back to my house. I love having my parents live so close now!
    2. Tired of wasting food after feeling pretty sick last month, I used up a lot of yummy produce today and made a great soup for dinner (low-maintenance dinner, too–the Crock Pot did the vast majority of the work!).
    3. I got to read a LOT the last couple of days and have two new books I can’t wait to recommend to my customers at Avid Bookshop. 🙂

  • By Kerrie Smyres Moderator

    Nov. 3

    1. Mailed my sister’s birthday gift in time for it to arrive on her birthday.
    2. Tried a new food without it triggering a migraine.
    3. Fall has arrived in Phoenix.

  • By Debs

    1, signed up for a reflexology course
    2, think iv found what I want for Christmas this yr
    3 friend is bringing me a used car to look at, so hopefully I can get back on road when feel up to it.

  • By Tammy Rome

    3 good things for Nov. 4

    1. Baby Girl is feeling better.
    2. I was able to sleep all night without tearing off my CPAP mask
    3. Oxygen stopped that cluster attack so I can enjoy the day.

  • By Kerrie Smyres Moderator

    Nov. 4

    1. That so many people are sharing their three good things! (Thank you! It’s heartening to see the good in people’s lives.)
    2. The large, delicious variety of apples available this time of year.
    3. The ultrasound I had for a lump in my breast came back clear.

    • By Debs

      Congratulations Kerrie for the positive result. I know it will be huge weight off your mind.
      Love and light xxx

  • By Katie M. Golden Moderator

    Nov 4
    1. I had a great massage today.
    2. I got out and voted.
    3. I exercised.

  • By migrainestl

    I didn’t have to lie down or take meds
    I took care of my son most of the day by myself
    I cleared out some clutter in my basement

  • By Writermom

    November 3, 2014
    1. I had a very bad migraine and was expecting my brother for lunch. I was able to lie down with ice on my head for a while before meeting him.
    2. Lunch with my younger brother, whom I haven’t seen in a long time, since we aren’t able to travel.
    3. A long, restful nap after lunch.

  • By Writermom

    November 4, 2014
    1. I had another really bad headache today. My husband was able to listen out for the UPS delivery of his medication while I slept. His medication was delivered and then we were able to have lunch and go out on an errand.
    2. I voted today.
    3. Our younger grandson called (faithfully, now) and we had a lovely conversation.

  • By Tammy Rome

    3 good things for November 5th

    1. It’s a beautiful, warm, sunny day!
    2. Everyone in the family is migraine-free today.
    3. I finally got my writing mojo back 🙂

  • By Debs

    Its bonfire night here in uk so lots of smoke and fireworks going off but still have 3 good things
    1, spent day and night with friend and kids with fireworks
    2,kids laughter. Love them to pieces and even managed to jump around and be silly with them
    3, my friend gave me food for my lunch tomorrow as she knows I did a lot today and probably gonna regret it tomorrow. Especially the cola I drank.

  • By Lisa Robin Benson Moderator

    Nov 5
    Today’s a tough one as I’m not feeling well but have a ton if responsibilities to take care of so I decided to log in and post!
    1.I’m going on a trip tomorrow which should be a lot of fun.
    2. I found time for a small nap today.
    3. A client liked a design of mine.

  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Three Good Things November 5:

    I didn’t need to take an abortive
    I did one load of laundry
    I enjoyed my new iphone!

  • By Kerrie Smyres Moderator

    November 5

    1. My energy was abnormally high today
    2. My guest room is clean (see #1)
    3. My laundry room is organized (see #1)

  • By Writermom

    1. I had a good check-up at my uro-gynecologist today.
    2. Another day when my sweet husband drove me where I needed to go. I really like this.
    3. Only need pain relief once today.

  • By Tammy Rome

    November 6

    1. I got to talk to a friend on the phone yesterday. It was so good to hear her voice.
    2. It’s a migraine-free day!
    3. Baby Girl napped just long enough to let me get a shower this morning.

  • By Andie

    Just what I needed.. 1. Today was the day after a horrid severe migraine so pain had eased a little. 2. My good friend picked me up, took me to the docs and then tucked me up at her house so i could rest. 3. Became well enough to walk around and.cook dinner and.snuggle with my son watching wallace and.gromit (so actually a lot more than 3) 🙂

  • By Kerrie Smyres Moderator

    I’m so enjoying reading everyone’s three good things. It’s like a little celebration to see what’s making you smile on difficult days. Thank you for sharing with us.

    My three good things for Nov. 6:
    1. My neck and shoulders are looser today after the back rub my husband gave me last night.
    2. I was able to follow the video of a complicated presentation from the June American Headache Society conference.
    3. My husband told me he is proud of me.

  • By jennyhart

    This is a great thread. I’ve been routinely writing thankfulness posts on Facebook, but it really grabs me to see other folks with migraine doing it!

    1. My husband is having his long-awaited knee surgery today, and it will hopefully provide some relief.
    2. I have made it to day 6 of my Whole30 elimination diet.
    3. I haven’t had a completely full-blown, puking-my-guts-out-locked-in-a-dark-silent-room migraine for about 5 days!

  • By Jules2dl

    My 3 good things for today
    1) I got started on organizing our mail and receipts
    2) I have only a mild background headache today
    3) My hubby and I have a date night tonight

  • By Sara

    My three good things for November 7th:

    1) Friends and family who do not judge and are supportive
    2) The unconditional love of my three dogs
    3) Still being able to work (not well or many hours, but still!)

  • By Katie M. Golden Moderator

    NOv 7

    1. I went to yoga today.
    2. I’ve made good progress this week on taking care of everyday tasks.
    3. I get to celebrate my friend’s upcoming wedding all weekend at her bachelorette party (I am reminding myself to take it slow and not give myself a bad Migraine!)

  • By Kerrie Smyres Moderator

    Nov. 7

    1. I got some solid writing done today.
    2. I did all my knee physical therapy exercises.
    3. It’s 9:23 p.m. and I have yet to need any acute migraine meds today.

  • By cargoz

    1) Being thankful to wake up without a headache…
    2) Spending time with my parents (91 & 88) and my daughter today…
    3) Another day with my 15 yr old 85 lb puppy dog…He’s a champ & still rocking!
    There are so many things to be thankful for and it is a beautiful fall cool day today and SATURDAY!!!

  • By sjsmith

    I started doing this on my own 3 years ago. I made a pact with my best friend that we had to end every e-mail with what we call Gratefuls. No specific number. We usually e-mail 3 times a day and we would never send one without adding gratefuls. Can be anything. There is always something no matter how bad the day.
    #1. my sleepy puppies #2. only #1 pain level this morning #3. my kind employer

  • By Anonymous

    Hi, I have never done this before but since I’ve felt so discouraged lately about my migraines it seems like a good idea.

    1. I’m getting a massage today
    2. I am scheduled to have Botox done by someone who knows the proper protocol for migraines this week
    3. My kitty is next to me now and he always seems to comfort me

  • By Writermom

    Yes, I’m a couple of days late in my posting, but I’m going to catch up.
    November 6:
    1. It was my husband’s birthday, and I was able to make his breakfast fun and good, with lots of Happy birthday greetings from our friends.
    2. I took my friend to lunch for her birthday, which was several days ago. She had been out of town, and this was our first opportunity to do this. We had a terrific lunch, where I tried something new at that restaurant.
    3. Took my husband for a birthday supper to Outback. We both enjoyed it so much, had enough left for supper the next night, and even ran into a couple of our friends there.

  • By Writermom

    As I said, I am late posting, so I’m catching up:
    November 7
    1. Head was really bad, but I was able to put some water on the plants in my backyard.
    2. After my second nap, I was able to do a little weeding in the hibiscus in my front yard.
    3. A friend gave me a new book to read. She knows I read a lot, and she was sharing with me.

  • By Writermom

    I am caught up to today now.
    November 8:
    1. Managed to get some groceries this morning and ran into one of my good friends at the grocery store.
    2. Read quite a bit of a new book.
    3. Went out to supper because I was feeling too bad to bother with cooking and had a delightful conversation with a friend there.

  • By Kerrie Smyres Moderator

    Nov. 8
    1. Spent the day with friends from out of town
    2. Laughed a lot
    3. Sat in a chlorinated hot tub without it triggering a migraine

    Nov. 9
    1. Slept in without it triggering a migraine
    2. Have nothing on the agenda for today
    3. The two ripe persimmons waiting for me to eat them

  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    I haven’t been sharing my good things because I haven’t felt great for the last few days. Today isn’t too bad so I thought I would give it a go!

    November 9
    1. Went to see Mamma Mia with a good friend
    2. My head doesn’t feel too bad today
    3. Slept in a bit without triggering a migraine.

  • By Writermom

    November 9
    1. Had a nice, relaxing breakfast in bed with my cereal.
    2. It rained all day, which confirmed my suspicions that these weather fronts are killing me. For sure, they are a trigger. I thought so before, but now I’m positive. Nice to have that validated.
    3. Caught up the current mail this evening while sitting with my hubby and watching tv.

  • By Jules2dl

    Saturday November 8th
    1) Had a great Stephen ministry class at church
    2) Called an antique store and put a deposit on a phenomenal 1950’s kitchen table and 6 chairs that I saw 2 weeks ago and couldn’t stop thinking about
    3) Had a comforting night watching tv and snuggling with my hubby

    Sunday November 9th
    1) Made it to the early service at church
    2) Did a favor for the friend who drove me to Jefferson Headache Clinic (from Illinois!)
    3) Discovered that the paint on my kitchen cabinets scrapes off easily, so I can repaint them for a whole new look when I get my new table and chairs

    Monday November 10th
    1) So grateful that the weekend wasn’t ruined by migraines for a change
    2) I’m going to a funeral today for the baby daughter of a woman in my Stephen ministry class. I am so grateful that her faith in The Lord has not wavered in spite of her tremendous loss, and that He continues to comfort her
    3) Puppy kisses when I woke up

  • By MigraineSal

    Monday 10 November 2014

    Had a looooooovely meditating session to start the day . . . thank you Glenn Harrold !
    Found someone at work who has been treated as poorly as I have . . . I am not alone . . . Y-E-A-H !
    My neck pain from the weekend has finally subsisted . . . phew !

  • By Kerrie Smyres Moderator

    Nov. 10

    1. Great yoga class focused on shoulder work
    2. Off a medication for some tests and not feeling too hot — this is good because it tells me the medication is probably working.
    3. I’m about to curl up with a book for the evening.

  • By Writermom

    November 10, 2014

    1. Received exciting news today that my niece and her husband are expecting a baby!
    2. My son called this evening and we had a lovely chat.
    3. Managed to go to the retina doctor with my husband and drove him around to the places we needed to go afterwards.

    Pretty good day, especially considering I felt so bad.

  • By Sandi VanDyke

    1. Took a nice long, hot bath.
    2. I have a wonderful husband and son at home who constantly help me when I am in pain and can not do for myself (both of whom, helped draw my bath).
    3. I made it through the day without to much head pain.

  • By Katie M. Golden Moderator

    Nov 11

    1. At least one more day of beautiful weather before it gets super cold in DC.
    2. A friend went out of her way to visit yesterday on her day off.
    3. My house if full of people because everyone has the day off!

  • By Kerrie Smyres Moderator

    Nov. 11

    1. People continue to share their three good things!
    2. Went to a great gentle yoga class tonight.
    3. Took a long bath.

  • By Writermom

    November 11, 2014 Veteran’s Day

    I’ve had a very hard day with my migraine and have slept a lot. However, here are 3 things that I think are good today:
    1. Sleeping as much as I needed today.
    2. Having something in the refrigerator to put together for an easy supper.
    3. My husband really likes my simple sandwich lunches.

  • By Debs

    Not done tho for few days as been bit up and down.
    1, started my online reflexology course. Happy that could actually concentrate for small portions of time.
    2,felt well enough to make some homemade soup for a very good friend who has been looking after me but is poorly with her 2 kids.

    3, its a mild day so think will go a wee walk and get fresh air xxx

  • By MigraineSal

    12 November 2014

    1 Managed to get my car service charge reduced by £ 130 . . . great negotiating skills by email !

    2 Car service booked for 28/11/14, rather than this Friday and a friend is now taking me out for the day, rather than me attempting a cleaning session on Friday as I expected . . . YEAH !

    3 Car will be cleaned as part of the service . . . DOUBLE YEAH as last time I did it myself my neck pain was horrendous and it kicked of a right migraine.

    All car service related today but I am sooooo pleased that I have got a reduced rate, a car clean thrown in ( will be nice to see Bianca in gleaming white again, rather than the mottled grey she has been for months ! ) and even more so that I am having a day out with a friend, rather than a cleaning session this Friday as that causes neck pain / migraines too !

  • By Kristin

    What a great thread!!

    I’m a few days behind, so I’ll start with yesterday…

    Nov 11.
    1. I got to scrub in for my first surgery at my new job AND got to do some amazing things!! So loved it.
    2. Got home at a decent hour, although tired with a headache, and spent time with my kids.
    3. Went to bed at a decent hour and slept well!

    Nov 12- today!!
    1. My patient from yesterday got extubated today and is doing great!
    2. It’s cold today, but no snow thankfully!!
    3. Getting my haircut in a little while… due for some ME time 🙂

  • By barb

    Other than migraine I’m in good heath.
    I have a ton of great friends.
    I’m gainfully employed!

  • By Allyson_Bergthold

    Just found this website and hoping to find more answers and clarity:)

    November 13th
    -Opportunity for education at the University I am at.
    -Help offered to me at school to succeed better due to my disabilities in learning and health.
    -My wonderful internship and the family I have found there.

  • By aprilmathis32

    AS I am on day 10 with this horrific headache, I am going to try to give 3 things….

    1. I was able to get out of bed. It was not easy, but I did it.
    2. As I have sle lupus as well as nasty migraines, I am without a fever at the moment.
    3. Vision is only blurry in one eye….I think this is about the worst headache I have ever had.

  • By Kerrie Smyres Moderator

    Nov. 12
    1. Great yoga class
    2. Ran an errand I was dreading and it went much better than expected.
    3. Got a lot of writing done.

    Nov. 13
    1. Amerge & naproxen stopped a migraine.
    2. I’ve decided what I’m going to give for some Christmas gifts.
    3. Submitted an article for

  • By AshleyRose

    Nov.13 9:04pm
    1. I have Jesus in my life.
    2. I have the love of an awesome understanding man.
    3. I have understanding and a loving family.

  • By Kristin

    November 13…
    – my kids, although unruly, are the cutest!!
    – I have the best husband around- and most understanding. Best at taking care of our house and kids!
    – My grandmother made it through surgery today. She’s the only one I have left

  • By MigraineSal

    14 November 2014

    1 – Today is Friday and I don’t work Friday’s anymore . . . Y-E-A-H !

    2 – Bought myself a HoMEDICS Shiatsu cushion that soothes tired muscles with its massage mechanism . . . looking forward to trying it on my neck while meditating after my day out with my friend today.

    3 – Today is a washout ( just short of torrential rain ) and I am not disappointed, even though we are going on a trip to the coast and will have to eat our fish and chips inside, rather than outside looking at the sea like I love to do on a bracing day . . . soooo pleased that I have a much more positive outlook on life now thanks to mindfulness training . . . my glass is more than half full, rather than just having a splash in it pre mindfulness training !

  • By Double Vee

    3 Positive things today

    1. Significant other is able to work from home today. His presence makes my day brighter.

    2. My rescue dog who has been through so much, is happy, healthy and content.

    3. Coffee

  • By Marissa L

    1. I’m starting to get control over my migraines.

    2. I found this wonderful website that allows me to see that I am not alone.

    3. I got out of the house today and didn’t feel alone.

  • By Christine S.

    This is a terrific invitation I can’t refuse to do this out loud…

    1. Talked myself into a good night’s sleep last night and a good waking time this morning.
    2. Made it to work on time, barely rushed, which cuts down a ton on the pain. 🙂
    3. Finished my work week tired but below a 5 today. Wonderful.

  • By AshleyRose

    1. Woke up with bad headache but hubby brought me one of my frozen gel caps right away.
    2. Daughter (step) and granddaughter are coming today to visit.
    3. My puppies are staying by my side. They always seem to know when my heads not good. Great dogs!

  • By Jenna

    I really needed this today, thank you for starting this thread!

    1. I am still doing well in school even though I’m having another attack.
    2. I am lucky to have a very supportive husband.
    3. I’m starting to feel stronger today.

  • By Tammy Rome

    I have been feeling under the weather and busy with lots of offline activities, so I’ve missed several days. I guess I will just pick up today. 🙂

    1. I have some great helpers who have stepped up to look after Baby Girl, wash dishes, do laundry, and take care of meals while I have been sick.
    2. My baby boy turned 18 last Sunday. He is such a wonderful young man!
    3. I really like my son’s girlfriend. She is so cool and laid back — just what he needs right now.

  • By Writermom

    I’ve missed several days, so I will catch up now and post today’s later.

    November 12:
    1. Was able to go to my husband’s doctor appt in spite of the unremitting headache.
    2. A beautiful day outside.
    3. My wonderful husband’s support, understanding and napping with me.

    November 13:
    1. Had a wonderful mani/pedi today.
    2. My husband drove me to the salon, so I didn’t have to drive, which I find to be no fun anymore.
    3. Got a load of clothes washed and in the dryer.

    November 14:
    1. Felt quite a bit better today.
    2. Got the clothes re-steamed and out of the dryer and put away.
    3. Felt well enough to cook a wonderful beef stew for supper.

  • By PlummInk

    1. My husband got the “all clear” from the doctor after spending 2 days in the hospital.
    2. My son is home from college & I’ve gotten a couple of great hugs from him even though I’m too sick to get out of bed.
    3. Finally breaking a 9 migraine down to a 7 Tonight

  • By Lisa Robin Benson Moderator

    Haven’t posted in a few days but glad to log on and read what people have been writing. Here’s mine for the day:

    1. I woke up without a migraine today even though I slept in (a trigger).
    2. I got to see an art show today.
    3. I met some new interesting people which always brings new opportunities and possibilities in life.

  • By Kerrie Smyres Moderator

    Nov. 14
    1. Got to restart the med I had to go off of.
    2. Had a nice talk with my mother-in-law.
    3. Was able to run a couple errands.

    Nov. 15
    1. Laughed with my husband
    2. Read a mediocre novel and it enjoyed it very much.
    3. Got a 15 minute chair massage.

    Nov. 16
    1. Realized I’ve been dizzy the last few days because of a drug side effect.
    2. The fix is easy (take two 150 mg tablets rather than one 300 mg).
    3. I already had the 150 mg tabs.

  • By Tammy Rome

    Three good things for Sunday, Nov. 16th

    1. My baby boy took his first flight without family. He and several other Eagle Scouts who are elected leaders in the honor society, Order of the Arrow flew to Indiana for a national meeting with other young Boy Scout leaders. We dropped him off at the terminal and picked him up. Everything else he did all on his own. So proud of the young man he is becoming!!

    2. Today my granddaughter is 6 months old. 🙂

    3. The men in my life did an awesome job helping me clean up the clutter and get the house back into usable shape. Dishes are clean, laundry is done, trash is out, and tomorrow’s dinner prep is already done. And I didn’t have to do any of it.

  • By Writermom

    Yesterday, November 15, 2014

    1. Got the sheets changed and the carpet vacuumed in our bedroom.
    2. My husband’s sweet attentiveness.
    3. Enjoy using my matching washer and dryer.

    Today, November 16, 2014
    1. Went to breakfast this morning.
    2. A friend is going to help analyze some financial issues.
    3. Almost the end of decision-making for healthcare next year.

  • By Katie M. Golden Moderator

    Nov 17

    1. I helped out my tenant’s association today with some data entry.
    2. I talked to a dear friend of mine on the West Coast
    3. I helped my grandparents move into my parents house this weekend and everyone is settling in just fine…except maybe the cats.

  • By Kerrie Smyres Moderator

    Nov. 17

    1. I made it to yoga today.
    2. My husband’s back from a week-long trip.
    3. I got good news from the plumber.

  • By MigraineSal

    18 NOVEMBER 2014

    1 – Entered my third week of giving up alcohol for MOVEMBER and doing soooo much better than I had expected . . . I can’t believe that I have made it through three weekends of going out for lunch without touching a drop of alchohol !

    2 – Got an appointment with my Neurologist for my full year review / Migraineur MOT tonight . . . should be interesting !

    3 – Today is the first day at work without the leader who has treated all of my illnesses appaulingly . . . don’t suppose the way I get treated at work will improve much but at least this brings new hope from today !

  • By Tammy Rome

    Nov. 17th

    1. Chili tastes great when it’s cold outside.
    2. My husband and I actually had time for a real conversation.
    3. Hubby fixed the recliner. He’s so handy!

  • By Kerrie Smyres Moderator

    Nov. 18

    1. Read a great journal article that advocated for refractory migraine patients (and not blaming us)
    2. It only took 10 minutes to peel a big pile of carrots
    3. I’m about to take a hot bath and read a good book

  • By Tammy Rome

    Nov. 18th

    1. Discovered a new, natural way to abort cluster headache attacks.
    2. Took a nap with Baby Girl
    3. Got to catch up on some TV shows I’d been missing

    Nov. 19th
    1. Botox consultation is today!
    2. Going shopping with Baby Girl. She is my favorite shopping buddy.
    3. Slept through the night, thanks to CPAP. Really happy to have my sleep schedule back on track.

  • By MigraineSal

    19 November 2014

    1 – Got discharged at my yearly Migraineur MOT last night with the invitation to call to make an appointment, should anything change and I need one . . . still got to complete those flipping daily migraine diaries though !

    2 – Got on the scales two days early and was really pleased to find that I have lost 2 lb already . . . whoohooo !

    3 – Only one more day at work this week and then my 3 day weekend begins . . . Y-E-A-H !

  • By Kerrie Smyres Moderator

    Nov. 19

    1. Got a haircut.
    2. Hair stylist is getting ever closer to the perfect haircut with every visit.
    3. Am mostly prepared for a weekend conference that begins tomorrow.

  • By Kristin

    Has been a few days as I have been struggling with a bad brain the last few days (worse this morning!) but I am behind.
    Here are mine
    1. New internist who was kind. Concerned about my long hx of migraines and happy to refill meds which doesn’t always happen
    2. Instant referral to neurologist with appt in just a few weeks! Very happy. Was expecting several months.
    3. Can’t sleep but got some Christmas shopping done online

  • By Tammy Rome

    Nov. 20th

    1. LOVE my new Botox doctor! Really looking forward to my first round of injections schedule for the week before Christmas. They will kick in just in time for the worst time of the year for me and migraines.

    2. Had so much fun with Baby Girl yesterday. She was such a good baby. Being a grandma is the BEST!

    3. So pleased with my son’s new therapist. I think he really can help.

  • By MigraineSal

    20 November 2014

    1 – After a challenging day at work my weekend has begun . . . Y-E-A-H !

    2 – Got a really comforting savoury mince and double dumplings in the oven almost ready to eat . . . Y-U-M !

    3 – Had the will power to turn down a glass of wine when I got in, even though I was really tempted after such a challenging day . . . only 10 more days of MOVEMBER left before I can touch alcohol again . . . DOUBLE YEAH !

  • By Kerrie Smyres Moderator

    Nov. 20

    1. Attended an interesting session at the conference.
    2. Ran into a friend and chatted for a few minutes.
    3. Am all set to go in the morning.

  • By Katie M. Golden Moderator

    Nov 20

    1. Ran errands
    2. Met a friend for lunch
    3. Worked on fun stuff for my friend’s upcoming wedding

  • By MigraineSal

    21 November 2014

    1 – Got the fruit for my Christmas Cake macerating in Cointreau . . . Christmas is a coming !

    2 – Got a great base for a Christmas Wreath with a big gold bow and golden weather cones on . . . I also bought some golden trimmings to dress it up and individualise it when I am ready and up to it.

    3 – Looking forward to our Chinese takeaway tonight to save me cooking . . . perfect start to the weekend !

  • By Katie M. Golden Moderator

    Nov 21

    1. I made it to yoga class. I really needed that.
    2. I made the smart decision to skip dinner tonight with friends. I’ve been having some bad headaches this week and I don’t want to end up in the ER. I will miss them though!!
    3. It’s the weekend!

  • By Mac

    Nov 21:

    1. Man Flu has dropped my voice an octave – I sound rather rugged and manly.

    2. I have the ability to turn man flu into a positive!

    3. A random and sudden burst of creativity has me inspired to do something that could possibly be very rewarding!

  • By Tammy Rome

    November 21

    1. Felt very productive today.
    2. Realized I’m going to have a month off from childcare duties starting in 2 weeks
    3. Felt the love of dear friends today. There is nothing quite like a friend who has known you since you were 12!

  • By Lisa Robin Benson Moderator

    1. Macish’s post about the man flu made me LOL!
    2. I love my slow cooker. What a perfect gadget for a migraineur bc now I don’t have to worry if I’m ok to cook dinner. I can set it up when I feel well.
    3. I had some good quality family time today. And it was nice out to boot, which is hard to come by in late November!

  • By Tammy Rome

    Nov. 23

    1. Attentive, loving husband who cares about my well-being
    2. Finally got that refill on my RLS meds so I can sleep at night
    3. My soft, warm afghan

  • By MigraineSal

    24 November 2014

    1 – My gorgeous husband has just given me the money for my expensive replacement tyre after I damaged it mounting a kerb quicker than I should have done on a bad head day . . . I am a lucky lady !

    2 – Got invited to the Disabled Staff Network Christmas Lunch at work next Tuesday and it is paid for . . . all I need to pay for is my drink . . . now there is a real positive for being classed as Disabled under the Terms of the Equality Act 2010 !

    3 – My Christmas Cake is all made and Christened “Connie” and a reminder is in my diary to lather her in Cointreau every 4 days until she will be iced on 20 December 2014 . . . I just love a home made Christmas as it gives me something to focus on when I am struggling to sleep with neck pain and need to get up early doors !

  • By Kerrie Smyres Moderator

    Thanks for continuing to share your three good things! I love seeing what’s going well in everyone’s lives. I’ve been swamped and not feeling well, so I haven’t gotten to the computer, but I’ve been writing them down the past few days. For context, I attended the American Headache Society’s conference in Scottsdale, AZ Thursday to Sunday.

    Nov. 21
    1. The American Headache Society conference’s opening remarks were touching (the doctors’ stories actually made me cry!)
    2. Talked to a bunch of headache fellows at the conference — so excited to see new doctors getting into the field
    3. Went to the wedding of a lovely couple

    Nov. 22
    1. Got to catch up with a friend
    2. My friend and I talked about ways can collaborate for headache and migraine education
    3. Talked to some specialists I hadn’t met before

    Nov. 23
    1. Finished reading a great book
    2. My husband was very sweet
    3. Drafted some articles about the conference

    Nov. 24
    1. Friends arrived to stay with us for Thanksgiving
    2. Did a major grocery run
    3. Played a game I love

    Nov. 25
    1. Slept straight through the night
    2. Woke up eager to write
    3. Today’s has the best food in the four-day rotation diet I’m on

  • By Kerrie Smyres Moderator

    Nov. 26
    1. Got to visit my old neighborhood
    2. Showed my friend what cotton looks like when it’s still on the plant
    3. Had my favorite coffee

    Nov. 27
    1. My friends said I should just give directions and they will finish cooking our Thanksgiving dinner.
    2. I get to eat sweet potato pie.
    3. The book I’m reading has just gotten really interesting.

    I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  • By Tammy Rome

    Nov. 24
    1. My doctor is going to squeeze me in for an appointment tomorrow to take care of my sore elbow
    2. Patient husband who understands when I can’t do as much as I want to.
    3. Enjoying the nice weather while it lasts

    Nov. 25
    1. A family doctor with a great sense of humor and big cortisone shot
    2. Last minute shopping with my Baby Girl
    3. A flexible family who is willing to gracefully excuse me from meal prep on Thursday

    Nov. 26
    1. Taught my daughter how to roast a turkey.
    2. The house smells wonderful!
    3. Nice visit with Baby Girl’s daddy.

    Nov. 27
    1. A migraine-free holiday!
    2. A quite evening at home with just my hubby
    3. Time and focus for website maintenance and edits

  • By Kerrie Smyres Moderator

    Nov. 28
    1. Went to a movie
    2. My husband was very helpful with a migraine knocked me down
    3. Felt well enough to play board games with friends in the evening

    Nov. 29
    1. Slept well
    2. Felt pretty good when I woke up
    3. Had a quiet morning by myself

  • By Essence 32

    1. Celebrated Thanksgiving dinner with family out of town and made it back home before a migraine hit.

    2. laughed and joked all day til my face hurt from smiling so much.

    3.wasn’t in the bed all day

  • By Mac

    Nov. 29

    1. Other half came home with mince pies.
    2. Other half forgave me when mince pies mysteriously vanished without trace.
    3. Other half is awesome!

  • By AshleyRose

    1. Put up upstairs Christmas tree.
    2. Daughter and granddaughter came over.
    3. Made peanut butter cookies.

  • By Allison Filek

    First-time contributor.

    I am a wife and caregiver. I am a family doctor.

    My husband is a severe migraineur. He is a family doctor currently unable to practice medicine.

    3 things:

    1) Cuddles from our pooch

    2) My husband did not puke this morning and ate waffles.

    3) Being able to provide empathetic and compassionate care to my patients because of our personal experience with pain, suffering and disability.

  • By Kerrie Smyres Moderator

    Thank you all for participating! November is almost over, but this thread will remain. Please keep posting your three good things or at least thinking about them. Getting back into the practice this month has helped me to manage an increase in depression symptoms — which has been a fantastic reminder of three good things. I hope it has been helpful for you, too.

    Nov. 30

    1. That this month’s three good things “challenge” has been so successful.
    2. I’m getting caught up on work.
    3. I’ve identified increased irritability and tearfulness as depression symptoms and increased my medication.

    Thank you again for participating! I love reading about the good in everyone’s lives despite the weight of migraine.

  • By jamdr

    I have a warm home, with food in the fridge, and clean water in the taps.

    I am taking the afternoon off, and relaxing in my comfy clothes.

    My child is coming home to visit soon.

  • By Lisa Robin Benson Moderator

    Today was a good day. Sore and achy/tired from Botox yesterday but still:

    Made it to yoga and stretched all the muscles that needed to be stretched.

    Discovered the local grocery store now sells beer (I don’t drink it that much but like to buy it for my husband).

    Had a fun, nice conversation with my husband while we made dinner and ate it together. 🙂

    And a forth thing, because why not? I am able to get to bed early tonight which I need! A rare treat!

  • By jamdr

    1. It is snowing heavily, and is profoundly peaceful.

    2. I got my hair cut.

    3. The bird feeders are crowded with tiny, beautiful, noisy birds, and below them is busy with squirrels and crows.

  • By Mac

    Dec. 12

    1. My sister gave birth to the most amazing little human person.

    2. I’m an uncle again!

    3. Sooooo cute!

  • By Kristin

    Dec 12…
    I haven’t written in quite awhile because work has been SO busy!!

    1. Totally rocked out in the OR this morning and helped with a fantastic case.

    2. Exhausted from a long week of work… But feeling accomplished.

    3. Going to see a new neurologist today and hopeful for a new outlook!