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Visual and auditory hallucinations anyone ever heard of this type?

  • By DustynU

    Hey all. I am new to forum and was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this type of experience during migraine.

    I have had migraines since I was 5 and no doctor could ever explain this. Many thought I was making it up or must be crazy.

    I get the aura which they understand, and flickers in the left side of my vision and best way to discribe it is like what u see when you press on a calculator screen or lcd screen those funny colors which blind me. The part they can’t explain is these autitory hallucinations that seem different from the norm. I can hear voices all talking at once like in a crowded room and randomly,during this, I experience something I describe as “flashbacks” which are weird memories of previous events of my life and other migraine attacks. I literally hear the whole conversations and feel the events that happened as if they were going on at present. For example say you had an attack in a mall and people were saying things around you like are you okay? what’s wrong with him? I actually hear these voices and feel like I am there again. I am wondering if anyone else has ever experienced something like this during a migraine or if it’s just unique to me. I hope there is someone else out there that has something similar to this as no one has ever heard of this before.

  • By DanDetox

    Hey Dusty,
    I am verry much aware of the aura blinding the vision part cause i had it for 8 years. It even got so bad i had it twice a week i couldnt go to school or work anymore. Had to stay in a dark room for most of my days. So i set up a quest for health and i cured myself with amazing knowlegde and i can see why i had it and how i could reverse it.

    If you have some questions you would like to ask feel free to do so and i will check if i can answer them.

  • By DustynU

    Yeah the visual part i have heard many others having it but I have never known anyone or heard of anyone else having the hallucinations part and it can’t be explained even by doctors. I have them now almost every few days now. the only thing that works is maxalt or rizatriptan which stops the visual and hallucinations but not the headache and they are so expensive it’s getting hard to keep working. How did you stop them? Doctors have given up and said there is nothing that can be done for me. I was told I have to live with it.