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Medications & Prescription Treatment

Was doing great on Effexor !

  • By Penny

    I was doing great on Effexor , when combined with Topomax. At the time it was prescribed to me by my neurologist , “He” The Dr , told me , migraines were small brain seizures and that I should be on some sort of seizure medication. The Topomax was fairly new on the market at the time and it worked wonders ! Not only on my headaches but I’ve got a rare form of muscular dystrophy and the combination of medication also helped the horrible muscle spasms in my legs . The problem ended up being my insurance didn’t cover these meds and soon my neurologist quit giving me samples . I do believe this is a very helpful combination of medication for migraine, also at this time I receive Botox 100 units every 3 months from my neurologist and I take injection of Imitrex 100 ml as needed . It’s a great regimen and gets me through ,
    It seems that diet appears to be a major factor affecting my migraines, the milk products , hard cheese, too much salt , too spicy foods, greesy foods , Diet soda that I drank for 30 yrs , I no longer drink at all ! It’s a life change ! I can’t even have flickering lights on my Christmas tree 🙁 fluorescent lights are really bad as well!!