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Prevention Medications

When does the drowsiness go away – topamax?

  • By mgpma1

    I was just started on topamax about a week ago. I’m exhausted. I can’t keep up. Does it ever go away or get better? I dont want to wait much longer. I’m a lawyer and law firms don’t have much patience…

  • By GardensatNight

    Some of the side effects can take a little while to go away while your body gets used to the drug. A week probably isn’t long enough. Also, you might want to know there are different forms of the various drugs, and some people find some of the side effects not as extreme on one form or another. Are you taking an extended release form of topomax? What time of day are you taking it?

  • By haveTRIEDitALL

    dopamax, didnt work for me. stuff was horrible. its a miracle for some. if its working for your migraines then give it a month