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Will acupuncture work for head ache?

  • By Patriciawalt

    Hi friends, I am new here. Last day, I met a lady who is specialized in acupuncture treatment. I met her at a wedding event. During the event, I was struggling with a severe headache. So I couldn’t enjoy the moments there. When I was taking rest, she came and sat beside me and we started talking. I came to know that she was an acupuncture therapist in Toronto. Then we discussed on this headache. I told her every minute details on this. This headache has been started for two years. I am still taking treatment for this but I am not satisfied with the treatment and its effects. While stopping the medicine, the pain again starts with the same intensity. Actually, I am planning to try some other treatments. I think I met her at the right time. She talked about the possibilities of acupuncture treatment on headache. She added that it is safe and non-invasive therapy used for natural healing and reducing pain. Really that was the first time I heard about acupuncture treatment. I would like to know more about this treatment procedure. If anybody has prior experience with this treatment, please share your valuable reviews. Based on your reviews I have to take a decision.

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  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi Patriciawalt,

    Welcome to the discussion forum and sharing your story with us!

    This is one complementary therapy I’ve not tried, but know many who have good results with is. There are a few studies that indicate acupuncture works for some of us with migraine disease. This is an answer from Dr. Mauskop, a migraine/headache expert in NYC on this topic;

    This link as additional information on acupuncture you may find helpful;

    I hope this helps and let us know how you make out if you try it!

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  • By jboaro

    I tried several treatments with a very experienced practioner. She indicated that I should receive relief after about 6 sessions but unfortunately I am still suffering.

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  • By Anonymous

    I think because Acupuncture stimulates your central nervous system, if yours is malfunctioning and causing migraines, acupuncture can be a difficult solution. I had many visits with a practitioner who was good, I felt my overall well-being improved but not the frequency of my migraines. That being said, once I went to an advanced practitioner in San Francisco and she put needles all around my ear on the side I get the migraines. It was painful and a very weird feeling and I felt like the needles had gone into my brain (they hadn’t of course). I left and a migraine started, so I took an Imitrex and the next day I felt better. I remember feeling better for several weeks after but I was too scared to go back.

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