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Triggers and Causes

Wisdom teeth making migraines worse?

  • By Anonymous

    I’ve been having increased daily headaches and migraines for a while now. In June I had about 3-4 migraines and then in July nothing and now I’ve had about three already in augsut and also daily nauseating headaches that I have to take medicine and usually take a nap or leave work early.

    I also get severe teeth pain either right before a headache sometimes or right after it goes away. I know getting my wisdom teeth out isn’t a cure for my migraines ..I’ve had them since I started high school..but has anyone else experienced teeth problems or wisdom teeth growing effect their migraines and improve when fixed?

  • By Katie M. Golden Moderator

    I had my wisdom teeth out later in life, but unfortunately it did not make a change in my Migraines. However, having any dental pain could be a cause of your increased headaches. The trigeminal nerve runs along your temples and down to your jaw. If you have inflammation in your mouth, it can definitely affect the trigeminal nerve.

    Especially if your wisdom teeth are now coming in, it could be a problem. It’s not a defintite that having your wisdom teeth out will lessen your headaches, but you should talk to your dentist about it as taking them out could have other benefits.

    Do you clench your jaw at all? Issues in this area are definitely linked to Migraines and might be something to consider as well. Here’s some more information.

    I hope you get relief soon!